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Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.19.3

Create and publish your HTML photo galleries with a couple of mouse clicks
Publisher: Extreme Internet Software
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.19.3
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 5.44 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Create beautiful web galleries of your digital photos and publish them instantly to any website with Extreme Thumbnail Generator! Even if you know nothing about HTML and image processing - the result will be outstanding!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers more than 40 unique HTML photo gallery templates to choose from. You can easily edit any of them in the built-in template editor or in your favorite HTML editor to make your photo galleries match the design of the rest of your website. Also it's very easy to add a slideshow or Lightbox effect to your galleries - just a couple of mouse clicks! Program's wizard-like interface is straight-forward and guides you though entire gallery creation process step by step.

Advanced users can use Extreme Thumbnail Generator's image editing features. Fine-tune your photos by adjusting brightness, contrast or adding special effects like Emboss. Plus you can easily add any text to all photos in the gallery (for example your copyright notice to protect your photos) or draw your logo on each of them automatically.

So, whether you want to create a family photo gallery, wedding photo album, online presentation or catalog for your business, or a website to sell your photos - Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a perfect tool for you! And best of all - you can download and try it yourself right now. It's absolutely free for 20 days.

Version: 1.19.3(29 Nov 2013)
Built-in FTP client was improved.
Version: 1.19.2(01 May 2013)
Several bugs were fixed, including the one that prevented adding more than 5000 images to the gallery.
Version: 1.19.1(05 Dec 2012)
2 new gallery templates. Thumbnails and image page file name is editable in the built-in template editor now. Image pages are not generated if thumbnails are linked directly to images.
Version: 1.19(22 Mar 2012)
DHTML Window - new javascript effect for full-size images; brand-new slide show; all new templates with modern look and feel
Version: 1.18(10 Aug 2011)
Added IPTC support; Improved EXIF support; New photo gallery template; LightBox fix for IE9
Version: 1.17(06 Aug 2010)
Support for RAW picture files; Possibility to batch process images without generating other gallery files; Improved transparency image support.
Version: 1.16(22 Apr 2010)
[Abort gallery generation] button; New photo gallery template; 2 new special tags; Small bug fixes and improvements
Version: 1.15(10 Nov 2009)
Advanced thumbnail file names customization; New gallery template
Version: 1.14(11 May 2009)
Added Slide show feature; Fixed a minor Lightbox bug
Version: 1.13.1(30 Mar 2009)
Fixed a minor bug with EXIF fields display; Added default gallery folder name on server - it must not be blank when gallery is uploaded
Version: 1.13(22 Dec 2008)
When a project is opened and image file is not found, user can select new location of the missing image
Version: 1.12(26 Aug 2008)
+ Optional link to original image from page where full-size image preview is displayed
Version: 1.11(18 Apr 2007)
+ New special tags to display single thumbnail (not in table); 3 new photo gallery templates; + LightBox effect; + Different thumbnails on one page can have different size; + Custom thumbnail link address
Version: 1.10(19 Dec 2007)
+ Gallery CSS file can be edited in the built-in template editor; + Two new types of navigation between gallery pages; + New template type: I-Frames
Version: 1.9.4(06 Nov 2007)
Preserve original EXIF information in thumbnails and modified full-size images; Automatic update check reminder
Version: 1.9.1(18 Jun 2007)
Import image descriptions from text files; New gallery re-generation options; Thumbnail images can be used instead of arrows or text to navigate between image pages
Version: 1.8(27 Feb 2007)
Every image can have two descriptions now: short and long; Multi-line editor for image descriptions, page headers, etc; Customizable link under the full-size image; Customizable link back from the gallery; New default gallery folder for every new project
Version: 1.7

download (etg_setup.exe - 5.44 MB)