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Extreme Picture Finder 3.28.3

Image downloader and picture finder. Download all images from any website.
Publisher: Extreme Internet Software
Category: Download Managers
Version: 3.28.3
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 3.91 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Image downloader and web picture finder in one product. Automatically download all images from any website. Simply enter the website address, choose what files to download (images, music, videos or any other files) and the folder on your hard drive where to save them and let the program do the rest of the work for you! No more banners, annoying pop-ups or saving each file by hand!

Extreme Picture Finder will easily handle password-protected websites, forums or TGPs. Plus, it allows you to set file and image size limits, use URL filters to skip unwanted parts of the website, choose the way the saved files are named and use many other options to get exactly what you want as fast as possible.

If you don't know where to start - the program offers a built-in database with thousands of website addresses sorted by category and the built-in picture finder, which allows you to search the web for pictures using keywords. Extreme Picture Finder offers several different search modes: only thumbnails, only full-size images, both thumbnails and full-size images. Plus it can download all "related" images - images located on the same page where the original full-size image was found.

Version: 3.28.3(02 Dec 2015)
+ Another improvement of SSL support for HTTPS addresses
Version: 3.28(27 Jul 2015)
+ search engine now supported
+ Animated GIF support in the image preview and in the image viewer
+ Fixed a bug with 'delete' function in the built-in image viewer
Version: 3.27.4(07 Jul 2015)
+ Fixed a bug that caused endless URL loops in some searches;
+ Custom number of digits in the [ Save - Conflicts ] rename option;
+ Program start-up time increased (when a project with big number of folders is selected)
Version: 3.27.1(25 May 2015)
Fixed a bug in custom file naming. Now using 'Parent page title for file name' actually works
Version: 3.26.2(19 Jan 2015)
+ search fixed;
+ Search results limit per search engine increased to 3000;
Version: 3.23.1(23 Dec 2013)
+ Built-in search fixed
+ Built-in search fixed
Version: 3.23(16 Dec 2013)
+ Improved support for password-protected websites.
+ Built-in image viewer improved. Now it works much faster and doesn't consume a lot of memory.
+ Several important improvements of the built-in web picture search.
+ 'Related images' are now shown as thumbnails under the bigger image preview.
Version: 3.22(29 Nov 2013)
Built-in search fixed; Files that are not images are not saved now if project has image size limits (in pixels); HTML page parsing algorithm improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder can download from too.
Version: 3.21.2(06 Nov 2013)
Problem with HTTPS addresses fixed. Plus fixed the problem with program error after download is stopped. Application is closed correctly when it's in the process of downloading.
Version: 3.21(31 Oct 2013)
Manual login to password-protected websites was improved: now the program can successfully log into way more websites. Builtr-in search fixed.
Version: 3.20(20 Aug 2013)
New option in the download project properties allowing to set a random delay between downloads to prevent bans on websites that detect automatic downloaders.
Version: 3.17(18 Feb 2013)
Command line parameters support: start/update/restart any project or search from command line.
Version: 3.16(13 Dec 2012)
New options in the Save -> Naming section of the project properties.
Version: Oct 2012) search updated. Plus new feature in download project properties: in Save -> Naming section it's possible now to set the number of parent page which is used to create file name for saved files.
Version: Aug 2012)
Built-in web picture finder improved. Now the best available image size is saved from Also the image downloader upgraded with the new page parsing algorithm.
Version: 3.15.1(02 Jul 2012)
Built-in web picture search improved. Now the best available image size is saved from
Version: 3.15(22 Dec 2011)
Export list of downloaded files and pages to file; better support for download from image hosting services like
Version: 3.14(26 Sep 2011)
New search engine support - "Safe Search" feature is now available.
Version: 3.13.5(16 Aug 2011)
Added the possibility to save files without extension using target file mask that ends with a . (dot). For example: *. - saves any file without extension.
Version: 3.13.3(17 May 2011) search fixed. [ background= ] tag attribute is now extracted from every tag on the page, not only from [ body ] tag. Situation when [ #something ] at the end of the URL caused infinite loop on the same address fixed.
Version: 3.13.2(14 Jan 2011) search fixed. Update function for download projects does not re-download files deleted by user anymore. SCRIPT tags are being parsed now allowing users to save .js or any other script files. Algorithm for [ Exploration depth limit ] was improved.
Version: 3.13.1(29 Nov 2010)
Added to the list of the built-in search engines; Update for searches does not re-download pictures deleted by user.
Version: 3.13(07 Oct 2010)
Added to the list of the available built-in search engines; Fixed and search; Improved website scanning when user selects to download from "current page only".
Version: 3.12(05 Jul 2010)
Built-in web image search function fixed
Version: 3.11(12 Jan 2010)
Web page parsing algorithm improved; User interface will now respond to user actions all the time
Version: 3.10(08 Dec 2009)
Built-in web image search fixed; Added a possibility to move a project to any category with a single mouse click
Version: 3.9(10 Aug 2009)
Web image search was improved; When re-downloading from the same website, existing files are not downloaded if file size is the same.
Version: 3.8.2(22 Jun 2009)
Page parsing algorith was improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder finds more links in the plain text of the pages; Altavista search was fixed.
Version: 3.8.1(28 Apr 2009)
Added new option that allows to name saved files using the file name of the page where the file was found.
Version: 3.8(20 Feb 2009)
2 new search engines: and; Using query string for file naming; Fixed HTTPS downloads
Version: 3.7(25 May 2008)
Socks 4 and Socks 5 proxy support; Ability to download and save Flash videos (SWF and FLV files); Built-in image viewer now supports more file formats, inluding RAW images
Version: 3.6.1(26 Nov 2007)
Fixed the built-in thumbnail viewer; Added CSS file parsing;
Version: 3.6(23 Oct 2007)
HTTPS support; Number of saved target files is shown next to the project name; HTML page parsing algorithm improved; Adility to hide any category in the online project database
Version: 3.5.4(22 May 2007)
Integration with Extreme URL Generator; Added possibility to save all target files with a custom extension; Automatic check for updates
Version: 3.5(02 Dec 2006) - PictureFinderSetup.exe
Integration with Extreme URL Generator; Added possibility to save all target files with a custom extension; Automatic check for updates
Version: 3.4 - pm2004_full_install_1_2_0.exe

download (PictureFinderSetup.exe - 3.91 MB)