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Exif Pilot 4.6

Edit, create, and view EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC, and XMP data with free Exif Pilot.
Publisher: Two Pilots
Category: Graphics and Video
Version: 4.6
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 2.12 MB
Updated: 15 Apr 2013
Edit, create, and view EXIF data with Exif Pilot. This EXIF editor allows:
- Viewing EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC, and XMP data.
- Editing and creating EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.
- Import/export from/to XML format.
- Import/export from/to MS Excel files.
- Import/export from/to Text file in CSV format.
- Copy EXIF or IPTC data to XMP data and XMP data to EXIF or IPTC data.
Exif Pilot supports the following formats:
PSD - reading, creating, and editing;
- RAW formats, including MRW, RW2, PGF, EPS, and RAF - reading only.

Version: 4.6(05 Mar 2013)
Added the ability to create and edit several keywords in IPTC metadata; some bugs are fixed.
Version: 4.5.1(29 Jan 2013)
Significantly improved support for view, edit, and create of EXIF makernotes tags; significantly improved support for view of XMP tags; added the ability to read metadata to Panasonic raw image (RW2); added the ability to write metadata to Minolta raw mages (ORF)
Version: 4.4(04 Jul 2011)
Added the ability to edit and to create new tags; the import bug is fixed.
Version: 4.3(09 Feb 2011)
Added the ability to view, edit, and creat EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC, and XMP information in Windows Explorer; the new type of export and import EXIF and IPTC data to MS Excel format were added. Now EXIF and IPTC information registers in a file in columns.
Version: 4.1.0(13 May 2010)
Added the ability copy EXIF data to XMP data; added the ability copy IPTC data to XMP data; added the ability copy XMP data to EXIF data; added the ability copy XMP data to IPTC data.
Version: 4.0(26 Oct 2009)
+ Added the ability to view XMP fields;
+ Added the ability to display custom tag names.
Version: 3.8(14 Jul 2009)
+ Increased a number of tags (including Makernote tags) for editing directly from the program;
+ Added the description of each tag.
Version: 3.7(02 Jun 2009)
+ Added a feature for writing rational numbers in seconds for GPS coordinates;
+ Added a feature for writing Photoshop PSD images;
* Some bugs were fixed.
Version: 3.61(18 Feb 2009)
The price has been changed from 19,95 to 29,95 .
Version: 3.6(18 Feb 2009)
+ Added the ability to edit and to create metadata for TIFF, NEF, CRW, DNG, PEF, JP2 and PNG. Now the program supports the following formats:
JPEG - read and write
TIFF - read and write
PNG - read and write
DNG - read and write
NEF - read and write
PEF - read and write
CRW - read and write
Version: 3.5(12 Jan 2009)
* The export bug is fixed;
* A bug related to displaying longitude/latitude tags is fixed.
Version: 3.4(01 Oct 2008)
+ Added the ability to view Pentax makernote tags;
* Help updated.
Version: 3.3(09 Apr 2008)
+ Added the ability to customize export;
+ Improved the interface.
Version: 3.2(21 Dec 2007)
+ Added the ability export EXIF and IPTC to CSV format;
+ Added the ability import EXIF and IPTC from CSV format
Version: 3.0(03 Sep 2007)
+ Added the ability to view Canon ModelID tags;
* The Clear EXIF Info function now works correctly.
Version: 2.01(16 Apr 2007)
Added the ability to edit the EXIF GPS position data in three different formats: DMS, GPS, and DD; added editing of some IPTC fields; added the ability to delete any tags; systems tags are now hidden as a default.
Version: 2.00(24 Oct 2006)
The EXIF-data mining algorithm is replaced by an advanced new algorithm; the number of supported EXIF tags is increased; the XML schema for import and export is improved; the changes made to Exif information preserve image data.
Version: 1.60

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