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Excel Invoice Manager Pro 2.221025

Billing software & invoice software based on Excel form/template
Category: Business
Version: 2.221025
License: shareware
Cost: 89$
Size: 5.81 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Excel Invoice Manager is the most flexible billing software/invoice software available. This level of flexibility of the billing software/invoice software is implemented both on the front-end and on the back-end. On the front-end, it uses Excel invoice templates/forms, which allow you to easily customize the fonts, colors, images, locations, even the formulas, with all the tools provided by Excel.

On the back end, it provides a tool called Database Designer, which allows adding any custom fields to the Customer, Invoice Header, Invoice Body and Product tables - e.g. you can use custom-fields feature to easily create 9-column invoice template - a complete example is included in this installer, and the tutorial is given in the help file.

The Pro edition of the software has built in network support, which allows you to share data with your colleagues over a network. The Pro edition supports up to 3 templates opened concurrently. For detailed information about the different between editions, please see the document included in the help file.

The Pro edition of the billing software/invoice software includes a powerful search bar, which is available in all the main windows - customers, products, invoices. For any field available, you can choose from the following operators to define your search criterion: Is Less Than, Is Greater Than, Contains, Starts With, Ends With, Equals. For example, to find the customer whose name contains "Bill", you can define your search as "Customer Name Contains Bill". To list all invoices with which you sold out products that have word "Billing" in the names, you can define your search as "Product Name Contains Billing" in the Invoices window.

This new release extended the sizes of several standard/default database table fields, as required by several users. A detailed document on how to do this with your current database can be found online.

Version: 2.221025(03 Jun 2012)
Extended the sizes of several standard/default database table fields, as required by several users.
Version: 2.22.1025(03 Jun 2012)
Extended the sizes of several standard/default database table fields, as required by several users.
Version: 2.21.1024(28 Mar 2011)
New feature - Overselling of product could be disabled by using a new option on the Workbook tab of the Settings window.
Version: 2.20.1023(10 Dec 2010)
Added support for Microsoft Excel/Office 2010.
Version: 2.19.1022(26 Jul 2010)
In the default invoice templates the decimal places in the percentage format of the tax rate cells were changed from 2 to 3.
Version: 2.18.1021(03 May 2010)
The default invoice template changed to Excel 2007 format (.xlsx format) if the system is running Excel/Office 2007 or higher versions.
Version: 2.17.1020(25 Mar 2010)
Changed how the setup program installs files
Version: 2.16.1019(10 Dec 2009)
New feature: Minor UI improvements.
Version: 2.15.1018(01 Dec 2009)
New option allows printing multiple copies by clicking the Print button.
Version: 2.14.1017(11 Nov 2009)
Support for Windows 7
Version: 2.12.1016(22 Aug 2009)
The new option "Update customer on saving new invoice" executes the Save As New Customer command whenever a new invoice is about to be saved.
Version: 2.11.1015(18 Jul 2009)
New customer statement report; New support for overpayment; New template option; New Products list option
Version: 2.10.1014(23 Jan 2009)
New support for receipt form; New print options make the printable invoice form more friendly to print; New support for multiple-line address format; Customizable product-selection and customer-selection dialog boxes.
Version: 2.9.1013(16 Jul 2008)
New feature: support for credit note/credit memo, support for payment report.
Version: 2.8.1012(04 Jul 2007)
New feature: free invoice form mode
Version: 2.7.1011(09 Apr 2007)
Support for Windows Vista. In-cell lookup
Version: 2.6.1010(18 Jan 2007) - excel_invoice_manager_setup.exe
Version: 2.5.1009 - OFFEIM.exe

download (excel_invoice_manager_setup.exe - 5.81 MB)