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EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.9

Powerful graphical tool for SQL Server administration and development.
Publisher: EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc
Category: Utilities
Version: 3.9
License: shareware
Cost: 275$
Size: 67.49 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a high performance tool for Microsoft SQL Server database development and administration. SQL Manager works with any MS SQL Server versions from 7 to the newest one and supports the latest SQL Server features including new data types (datetimeoffset, hierarchyid, geometry, geography and more), table types and table-valued parameters, logon triggers, backups with compression and other. It offers plenty of powerful SQL tools such as Visual Database Designer that allows creating SQL Server database in few clicks, Visual Query Builder and advanced SQL editor to build complicated SQL Server queries and many more useful features for efficient SQL Server administration. SQL Manager for SQL Server has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

Key Features

* Support of Unicode data
* Rapid database management and navigation
* Easy management of all SQL Server objects
* Advanced data manipulation tools
* Effective security management
* Excellent visual and text tools for query building
* Impressive data export and import capabilities
* Visual Database Designer to handle database structure in a few clicks
* Easy-to-use wizards performing SQL Server administrative tasks
* Powerful tools to make your work with SQL Server as easy as it can be
* Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard
* New state-of-the-art graphical user interface

Version: 3.9(27 Aug 2013)
The possibility to record object definitions to files for further use with VCS appeared, some other new features and improvements...
Version: 3.6(22 Jun 2010)
If a query returns multiple recordsets, the number of records is now displayed for every recordset.
Now it is possible to change the columns width on the Permissions tab of the objects editors.
Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.
Version: 3.5(09 Mar 2010)
Added the possibility to extract system objects, a lot of different improvements and enhancements...
Version: 3.4(26 May 2009)
- SQL Server 2008 features are now supported
- The possibility to reorder hosts using drag-and-drop is implemented
- The ability to edit the result of a query containing JOIN statements is implemented
and much more
Version: 3.3(23 Dec 2008)
- SQL Server 2008 features are now supported
- The possibility to reorder hosts using drag-and-drop is implemented
- The ability to edit the result of a query containing JOIN statements is implemented
and much more
Version: 3.1(22 Jan 2008)
- Support of server objects in Extract Database, Print Metadata, Duplicate Object and other tools
- Possibility to view effective permissions on objects
- Fixes in SQL query editors
- Possibility to interrupt report generation
- Other great improvements and bug fixes
Version: 2.7(13 Jun 2007)
- Extended Database properties.
- DB Explorer: it is now possible to view brief table information in SQL Assistant.
- It is now possible to modify the schema/owner in object editors.
- Incremental search has been added to a number of object lists.
- Lots of other great improvements and bugfixes
Version: 2.6(15 Jan 2006)
- Ability to execute selected statements and statements under cursor added.
- The identity field property can now be edited.
- Reorder Fields. Field order can now be changed no matter if the table has other dependent objects.
- Other great improvements and bugfixes.
Version: 2.5(29 Sep 2006)
- Database Registration. Allows to skip refreshing objects on connection to database.
- SQL Editor, SQL Script, Procedure Editor. Information messages are displayed correctly now.
- French localization added.
- Other improvements and bugfixes.
Version: 2.4

download ( - 67.49 MB)