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Emergence BASIC 1.735

A full featured BASIC compiler for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.
Publisher: Ionic Wind Software
Category: Development Tools
Version: 1.735
License: demo
Cost: 9.95$
Size: 9.74 MB
Updated: 05 Jul 2009
Emergence BASIC is a full featured compiler and development environment for Windows. Creates small, fast, native executables and DLL's. The environment is modular with new commands available separately using add-on command libraries.. An advanced 2D game and graphics command set, 3D engine, and database command set is included. The robust IDE sports a source level debugger, integrated GUI designer, and resouce editor.

Main Features:
- Fast 32 bit assembler, linker, and compiler.
- Uses standard COFF and LIB format files.
- Easily upgradeable and expandable.
- Integrated editor and debugger.
- Multi module programming.
- Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.
- Executables created are royalty free.
- Can create and use static libraries.

Language Features:
- BASIC like syntax.
- Rich command set, over 400 built in commands.
- Extensive operators and math functions.
- Built in linked-list handling.
- Easy window, dialog and control creation.
- Inline assembler for optimizing code.
- Text console support.
- Advanced and easy pointer operators.
- 'C' style pointer operations.
- Built in music and sound commands.
- Case insensitive keywords.
- Graphics primitive operations for quick and simple drawings.
- Text and graphics printer output support.
- Web enabled application development with the integrated html browser control.
- Simple common control commands and functions.
- Quickly interfaces with the Windows API, C runtime libraries, and static code libraries.
- Optional and default parameters for functions.
- Supports indirect function calls.
- ANSI compliant UDT type (structure).
- STDCALL and CDECL function calling conventions supported.
- Built in database support.
- Built in 2D gaming commands.
- Built in 3D DirectX 9 support.
- Built in Unicode support.
- Built in COM support.
- Built in OOP support
- Built in Ole Drag and Drop commands

Version: 1.735(21 Jul 2009)
Library refresh, memory leak fixed, linker updated, threading changes
Version: 1.732(11 Jun 2009)
64 bit changes, data alignment, assembler options, WAITCON, size reductions.
Version: 1.73(22 May 2009)
Unicode array changes, Compiler code generation update.
Version: 1.72(24 Apr 2009)
Boolean negation operator added, bug fixes.
Version: 1.69(29 Dec 2008)
Vista bug fixes, project file type registration, new commands.
Version: 1.68(25 Nov 2008)
Global data initializers, bug fixes.
Version: 1.66(29 Oct 2008)
Added new drag and drop commands, bug fixes.
Version: 1.65(11 Oct 2008) -
ELSEIF added, new message handling functions, post assignment added.
Version: 1.62(14 Jun 2008)
Integrated Dispatch Helper library, 3D Library docs, All users guides combined into one now, Better support for pointer arrays, ENUM/ENDENUM keywords added, @AUTOSCALE window style added, "Include Files" pulldown added, More samples included
Version: 1.598(14 Feb 2008)
More unicode functions, new window styles.
Version: 1.59(21 Feb 2007)
OOP capability added, new keywords CLASS, ENDCLASS, VIRTUAL, PRIVATE, PROTECTED, PUBLIC. IDE fixes.
Version: 1.58(06 Jan 2007)
UDT BYVAL, Variable display while debugging
Version: 1.55

download ( - 9.74 MB)