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Emailchemy 12.0-Win64

Converts email formats, manipulates email files, helps import old mail
Publisher: Weird Kid Software LLC
Category: E-mail
Version: 12.0-Win64
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 36.72 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Convert: Emailchemy converts email from the closed, proprietary file formats of the most popular (and many of yesterday's forgotten) email applications to standard, portable formats that any application can use. These standard formats are ideal for long term archival, database entry, or forensic analysis and eDiscovery.

Migrate: Emailchemy includes an embedded IMAP mail server from which any IMAP-compatible email application can import your converted email. Emailchemy also includes a utility for uploading converted mail up to a Google Apps email account.

Manage: Emailchemy provides utilities for splitting, sorting and merging email archives, and harvesting email addresses from email archives.

- Converts proprietary email formats to the official Internet standard format for maximum compatibility
- Convert all your old email files with a single product
- cross-platform solution runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
- no need to re-install or run old email programs
- convert Windows email files on a Mac or Linux computer, and vice-versa
- Industrial-strength accuracy relied upon by law enforcement and forensic agencies around the world
- Includes IMAP email server to simplify importing
- Upload converted email to Google Apps email accounts.

Emailchemy can read: AOL for Windows ("PFC" files); Apple Mail; Claris Emailer; CompuServe Classic for Mac (aka "MacCIM"); CompuServe for Windows; Entourage; Eudora; Mozilla; Mulberry; Musashi; Neoplanet; Netscape; Opera; Outlook for Mac; Outlook for Windows; Outlook Express; Outspring; PowerTalk/AOCE for Mac; QuickMail Pro; Thunderbird; Windows Live Mail; Windows Mail; Yahoo! Mail; any mbox-format; more

Version: 12.0-Win64(28 Jul 2013)
- Full native support of Outlook for Mac 2011 databases
- De-duplication of messages
- IMAP import compatible with Outlook 2013
- Bundled Java runtimes in Mac and Windows versions
- "Headers only" output option
- User interface improvements
- Bug fixes
Version: 11.3-Win64(23 Jul 2012)
- Google Apps Upload logging
- Preserves Apple Mail status flags on import and export
- Improved Eudora status flag preservation and TOC processing
- MSG converter now compatible with Symantec Enterprise Vault files
- Fixed bug in Maildir++ output folder hierarchy
- Fixed crash on UTF-7 header
Version: 11-Win64(04 Feb 2011)
- Improved IMAP server performance - faster imports
- New Gmail Uploader feature to fixes Gmail's Sent folder for uploaded mail
- New option for better handling of international characters in folder names
Version: 10.0-Win64

download ( - 36.72 MB)