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EF CheckSum Manager 7.70

File checksum utility for the SFV, MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 formats
Publisher: EFSoftware
Category: Utilities
Version: 7.70
License: shareware
Cost: 14$
Size: 1.21 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
EF CheckSum Manager is a program designed for the integrity examination of files on the standard formats SFV, MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512. They can verify existing checksums or create new checksum for your important data. The EF CheckSum Manager is easy to use and much fast, supports the recursive processing of file structures, works up to whole drives. You have the choice to let only one checksum file for all files, one per folder or to produce for each file separate checksums.

Perhaps you know the problem: They burned important data on CD, the burning program means all OK but are you sure that your data is real to 100% with the originals? The EF CheckSum Manager helps to eliminate you such doubts fast. Provide in addition simply before archiving the volume of data to burn with checksums and test you directly after the burning process the integrity of the data. The checksum files are small and only little storage location need. You can burn these also additionally to the actual data also on the CD. So you can examine the integrity of the data also later still at any time.

A further important application field for checksums is the transmission of data over the Internet. If you send files by E-Mail to friends, nobody can guarantee to 100% that the arrived files are unchanged, also correctly. If you send also a checksum file additionally, the receiver can determine on the basis the checksum whether the received files are OK or not.

Also many files in the Internet are offered for the Download, e.g. Linux distributions in form of whole CD images, frequently with additional checksum files, often in the MD5 format. The EF CheckSum Manager makes possible to verify in a simple manner the integrity of the downloaded data. Save online costs, download only the bad, corrupt, incorrect size or missing files.


Version: 7.70(25 Sep 2015)
Version: 7.60(28 Aug 2015)
Version: 7.40(21 Apr 2015)
Version: 7.30(19 Jan 2015)
Version: 6.70(06 Jan 2014)
Version: 6.60(09 Oct 2013)
Version: 6.30(17 Apr 2013)
Version: 6.21(21 Feb 2013)
Version: 6.20(23 Jan 2013) -
Version: 6.10(16 Jul 2012)
Version: 6.00(29 Feb 2012)
Version: 5.70(17 Aug 2011)
Version: 5.60(25 Feb 2011)
Version: 5.50(17 Nov 2010)
Version: 5.40(19 Jul 2010)
Version: 5.35(14 May 2010)
Version: 5.30(17 Nov 2009)
Version: 5.20(02 Mar 2009) - cm.exe
Version: 5.10(06 Oct 2008)
Version: 5.00(23 Jun 2008)
Version: 4.70(25 Feb 2008)
Version: 4.60(23 Nov 2007)
Version: 4.30(19 Jun 2007) - efcm.exe
Version: 4.20(07 May 2007)
Version: 4.10(26 Feb 2007)
Version: 4.00(16 Nov 2006)
Version: 3.60

download ( - 1.21 MB)