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Eazy Backup 6.0.0

Eazy Backup-Restore for Popular Applications (eg Outlook, Outlook Express).
Publisher: Inc
Category: Backup
Version: 6.0.0
License: shareware
Cost: 49.95$
Size: 16.30 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
The Eazy Backup utility is designed to make it easy for all users with any level of expertise to create a backup or archive file of popular applications. More importantly, Eazy Backup makes it easy to restore data from a backup or archive file.

Eazy Backup knows where the critical data is located and knows what data must be included to make an effective backup for an application.

Eazy Backup is the Intelligent Backup and Restore utility.

Eazy Backup includes logic to backup and restore more that 17 popular applications.

Version: 6.0.0(01 Jul 2013) - ezb6setup.exe
Major Update - New release with Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 support
Version: 5.0.9(04 Nov 2011)
Minor Update - Improved support for Windows Mail
Version: 5.0.5(07 Jan 2011)
Minor Update - Improved performance for large backups; support for Outlook 2010 "click to run" mode; added support for Windows Live Mail 2011
Version: 5.0.0(22 Jun 2010) - ezb5setup.exe
Major Update: Includes support for Windows 7, Outlook 2010, Thunderbird 3, Google Chrome, MailWasher Pro 2010, and more...
Version: 4.5.6(15 Sep 2009)
Numerous updates -- see
Version: 4.4.0(01 Sep 2008)
Modifications for DEP on Vista
Updates for Thunderbird backup and restore
Version: 4.3.1(10 Feb 2008)
Support for Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail
Version: 4.0(15 Feb 2007) - ezb4setup.exe
Support for Vista, Outlook 2007, Differential Backups, Open File Backup
Version: 3.0.8 - ezb3setup.exe

download (ezb6setup.exe - 16.30 MB)