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!Easy ScreenSaver Station 5.6

ScreenSaver maker software to create ScreenSaver, and distribute ScreenSavers.
Publisher: DDSoft
Category: Screensavers
Version: 5.6
License: shareware
Cost: 49.95$
Size: 2.00 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
!Easy ScreenSaver Station is a cool ScreenSaver maker software to make your own ScreenSavers easily. You can create your own ScreenSaver with the New Wizard step by step. Images, Flash movies and background music can be included into your creations easily. You can even acquire photos from your digital camera(or scanner) directly. After some easy steps, you can save a single standard ScreenSaver(.SCR) or a self-installing ScreenSaver(.EXE) for distribution. More features such as image editing, transition settings, icon setting, copyright settings, password protection, preview, email sending and so on are included. No programming skills or royalties required.
!Easy ScreenSaver Station can also manage your ScreenSavers so that you can run, install or config one easily.
Key features:
* Create your own ScreenSaver with New Wizard step by step;
* Make ScreenSaver with images, Flash movies and popular formats(mp3/wma/wav/midi...) of audio files as background music;
* Make translucid ScreenSaver;
* Open and edit your ScreenSaver file directly. You do not have to save a separate project file;
* Play images or Flash movies randomly or in a specified order with transitional effects;
* Edit images to mirror, rotate, crop, resize images, or adjust the colors;
* Acquire photos form digital camera/scanner directly;
* Show your images or Flash movies as LOGO throughout the running period;
* Add labels as title or description;
* Set Icon for your ScreenSaver;
* Set password to protect your creation;
* Preview your creation before saving;
* Distribute shareware ScreenSavers, and generate your own registration codes for them;
* Create ScreenSaver Data(.SSD) files for integrated SCR Player;
* Install, create shortcut, or e-mail your ScreenSaver;
* Manage your ScreenSavers to run, install or config one;
* Activate your ScreenSaver instantly;
* Set wallpaper;
* Multi languages supported;
* Drag and Drop operations and more.

Version: 5.6(04 May 2015)
1. An option is added to let you choose the best screen resolution for your ScreenSaver; 2. Auto correct orientation when importing photos; 3. CMYK colorspace jpeg image is supported; 4. Your ScreenSaver supports real HD display now; 5. Performance is highly increased and user interfaces optimized.
Version: 5.5(20 Nov 2013)
Fixed a potential problem for transparency processing of png image; Supports dual monitors even in extended desktop mode; Fixed a problem of showing too much items in drop-down lists; Optimized to make ScreenSaver file even smaller; User interfaces optimized.
Version: 5.4(28 Oct 2013)
You can change the Icon of your ScreenSaver now. An ico or image(jpeg/png/bmp) file can be set as your ScreenSaver Icon. Image will be converted to icon automatically and several styles can be selected.
Version: 5.3(23 Sep 2013)
* Drag-and-drop supports folder now; * Adding foreground or background objects can be cancelled; * Fixed an error when removing foreground object from the list in the New Wizard; * Minor bugs fixed.
Version: 5.2(06 Mar 2013)
* Optimized to make ScreenSaver file even smaller; * Fixed the failure loading problem after the ScreenSaver being signed; * "Check Update" is available in the Help menu now; * Minor bugs fixed.
Version: 5.1(22 Jan 2013)
* Email your ScreenSaver safely(Email attachment(auto created zip file) is now password-protected and renamed to prevent mail server scanning); * Optimized for Windows 8; * Minor bugs fixed.
Version: 4.5(19 Jun 2009)
1. Fixed a bug which may cause a potential error while playing Flash; 2. The maximized main window does not cover the Windows taskbar now.
Version: 4.4(20 Jan 2009)
1.The context menu and some easy ways were added while editing image; 2.You can now change the speed of flying image; 3.Fixed the confict of setting the font and color for a Label; 4.You can now Add a LOGO image directly; 5.A context menu was added to the Transition Select window; 6.Optimized some window and fixed the occasional flicker problem; 7.Changed how to show the unregistered information, enhanced the user experience; 8.And more minor changes.
Version: 4.3(21 Feb 2008) - ezsss.exe
1. Fixed a problem of losing the tray icon on Windows Explorer terminated abnormally; 2. Fixed a problem of program hanging in "Set Transition" window; 3. Fixed an error of saving big image file; 4. Changed to an easier way to select a color; 5. Other bug fixed.
Version: 4.2(04 Dec 2006)
1. Product renamed to !Easy ScreenSaver Station(Original name is !Easy ScreenSaver Studio); 2. Set License Agreement for your ScreenSaver; 3. Remembered the last position and size of the main window; 4. Optimized the operation to set delay time for the objects.
Version: 4.1

download (ezsss.exe - 2.00 MB)