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Easy Eyes Saver 2.9

Protect your eyes from harmful monitor influence.
Publisher: SFSoft
Category: Wallpaper
Version: 2.9
License: shareware
Cost: 6.5$
Size: 3.23 MB
Updated: 13 Mar 2007
Protect your eyes from harmful monitor influence. Working with computer for 4-8 hours a day, you may be familiar with such problems as: eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, headaches, and more (Computer Vision Syndrome - CVS)
Sure, in modern life you can't go without a computer. But how to transform this "necessary evil" into
a really useful auxiliary?
Answer for this question is very simple - use "Easy Eyes Saver". It's an effective way to prevent eyes problems and to cope with the CVS symtomps.
The system is based on the control over destressing and relaxing pauses in your work. You can tune
pauses of different durations, automatic relaxing music turning on, notification of breaks' and working day's start and end. The program includes advises on working place ergonomics, eyes protection and work productivity.
Easy Eyes Saver:
helps to prevent CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), reduces eyestrain, dry eyes, backache, wrestache and neckache brought on by durable computer work, helps to preserve working capacity and attention concentration during the whole working day, helps to destress, helps to preserve acuty of vision while durable usage.
Along in a few weeks of regular usage you'll feel the reducing of CVS symtomps, such as eyestrain
and dry eyes!

Version: 2.9(26 Nov 2006) -
Absolutely new interface
Version: 2.8 - CEPreviewPack1Setup.exe

download ( - 3.23 MB)