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Dynamic IP Monitor 3.6.2

Performs updates when lan/wan ip address changes
Publisher: Gulden Development
Category: Internet
Version: 3.6.2
License: commercial
Cost: 7$
Size: 0.23 MB
Updated: 23 Apr 2009
Automatically performs secure Dynamic DNS updates and/or e-mails you when computer's LAN or WAN IP address changes. Additionally can FTP upload txt file, or execute custom http update string. Supports DynamicDNS, SecuritySpace, OpenDNS, DNS-O-Matic. Starts minimized in tray and shows your IP addresses when you hover mouse over. Detailed logging. Utility included in paid version to install program as a service.

Version: 3.6.2(23 Nov 2008) -
Fixed "FTP Upload Sync" bug
Version: 3.6.1(06 May 2008) -
Fixed "Resource not found." log message
Version: 3.6(22 Mar 2008) - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor36_Demo.exe
Performs DDNS update if 30 days have passed without an update. Silenced a few warnings messages.
Version: 3.5(28 Nov 2007) - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor35_Demo.EXE
Supports new service DNS-O-Matic!
Version: 3.2(05 May 2007) - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor32_Demo.EXE
External IP address now retrieved from 4 localtions (up to unlimited), but 4 configured by default. Added support for OpenDNS. Added DDNS options MX,backupMX,Wildcard, and Offline. Added alerts for all DDNS response codes besides 'good' and 'nochg'.
Version: 3.0.1(09 Mar 2007) - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor301_Demo.EXE
Removed SysInfo control which was causing program to crash on some systems
Version: 3.0(03 Mar 2007) - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor30_Demo.EXE
Added support for other DynDNS services, multiple e-mail recipients, SMTP timeout message, External IP retrieval URL and Interval now configurable, improved logging
Version: 2.5.9 - Install_Dynamic_IP_Monitor259_Demo.EXE

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