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Durable Copy 3.8.4

Durable Copy can copy files which have damaged sectors
Category: Utilities
Version: 3.8.4
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 4.62 MB
Updated: 16 Dec 2010
Durable Copy is data recovery software created for everyone who has dealings with data loss, and who want easy and accurate recovery of important data. It was specially created for recovery of files which contain damaged sectors, and can effectively recover corrupted or lost data from defective, inaccessible, failed, or wrecked primary storage media where data cannot be accessed normally.
The Durable Copy can pass damaged sectors and replace them with safe sectors from other damaged storage if such possibility exists. The program reads and saves all data that could be read. As a result, damaged text documents as well as other files, archives, movies, and multimedia are available again. At that, the Durable Copy goes beyond standard programs, offering you a rich set of tools for working with files in general. These are:
1. Handy Wizard for files copy;
2. File manager:
a) it has a built-in file navigator with two panels allowing one to execute any required command in a single mouse click;
b) intelligent command line with self-substitution of paths;
c) fulfils standard operations with files and folders;
d) calls context menu of Windows Explorer for every file and folder;
e) supports hot keys for standard operations;
f) it is integrated with "Favorites" folder of Windows Explorer.
3. Possibility to set various copy options;
4. Support of skins;
5. Function of irretrievable deletion of files;
6. Special dialog for network connection to remote computer. This makes connection with administrative privileges without discontinuation of current local session a reality;
7. Possibility to start from command line allows to use the program in automatic scripts;
8. Can copy data under unstable connection:
a) automatically resumes reading process after temporal inaccessibility of a source storage;
b) automatically resumes writing process under copy of files with wireless networks;
9. Intuitive interface;
10. Setup and portable versions.

Version: 3.8.4(27 Dec 2010)
- Minor user interface improvements;
+ Checking for updates without interfering user.
Version: 3.8.3(13 Jul 2010)
- Memory leak when trying to open completely unreadable file was fixed;
- Wizard has no default extension for export/import configuration files.
Version: 3.8.1(08 Mar 2010)
- Error on program close was fixed.
Version: 3.7(20 Dec 2009)
+ Copy process and the user interface drawing have a fewer synchronization points
+ File copy wizard network scan procedure working in the separate thread now
+ Full space for file is allocating before actual file copy starting
+ Program start time is reduced
- Minor errors were fixed
Version: 3.6.2(26 Mar 2009)
+ Smart files copy acceleration algorithm was improved.
Version: 3.6.0(10 Jan 2009)
+ Smart files copy acceleration algorithm was added.
Version: 3.5.1(09 Apr 2008)
- The issue "Unregistered users are unable to call Durable Copy context menu" has been fixed.
Version: 3.4(08 Mar 2008)
+ Options of program behaviour under copying of files by network were added;
+ Possibility to repeat copy of uncopied files with a click from report window directly was added;
+ Now the program can show calculated time residual to the end of copying process;
and e.t.c. ...
Version: 2.0.3(21 May 2007)
+ Updated algorithm of storing window settings.
- Fixed error in the automatic program updating algorithm.
Version: 2.0.2(07 May 2007)
+ Each window stores it's source and target folder paths separately from other windows.
Version: 2.0(12 Mar 2007)
+ For more comfortable user experience the program is available in the two versions now: "with Setup" and "Portable";
+ Smart integration with the Windows "Favorites" folder has been added;
+Window, which shows process of the recovering damaged files has been redesigned for better user experience.
Version: 1.8.2(04 Mar 2007)
* Algorithm of executing commands of files and folders context menu has been modified;
- Number of required window redraws has been lowered in the files and folders navigator window.
Version: 1.8.1(25 Feb 2007)
+ Automatic update feature has been added;
+ User interface of dual pane navigator has been updated;
+ Reported errors were fixed.
Version: 1.7(15 Feb 2007)
- Two pane navigator window was improved.
Version: 1.6.5(09 Feb 2007)
- Minor errors fixed.
Version: 1.6.1(21 Dec 2006)
+ Durable Copy stops its work automatically, when it will have read all possible data from bad sectors;
+ Now application works with multiple windows better;
+ Now application works faster when writing files to local hard drive.
Version: 1.2.2

download (DurableCopySetup.exe - 4.62 MB)