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DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator 5.0.0

A free scienfitic graphing calculator that's like using the real thing.
Publisher: Big Angry Dog Ltd
Category: Education
Version: 5.0.0
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 4.87 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
DreamCalc is the Ultimate Free Scientific Graphing Calculator for Windows. This slick math application is so realistic, you'll never reach for your hand-held calculator again!

Not only does DreamCalc give you an intuitive and almost tactile experience, it is a fully featured graphing calculator that can graph functions and plot list data in an instant (no more setting up spreadsheets). In fact, it is a match for many dedicated graphing packages, but far easier to use.

DreamCalc offers a full range of scientific functions, statistics, complex numbers, base-n logic, unit conversions, numerical calculus and built-in constants and a powerful polynomial solver. Select from Reverse Polish Notation or pre-fix or post-fix algebraic input, and with the optional ability to run in your Windows system tray DreamCalc will always be there whenever you reach for a calculator.

DreamCalc is free for non-commercial use. Premium features, such as graphing, require a paid upgrade. Ten percent of sales go to small charities.

Look for DreamCalc on Youtube.

Version: 5.0.0(09 Dec 2015)
Basic features now free
Version: 4.9.3(16 Mar 2015)
Version: 4.9.2(02 Aug 2014)
Version: 4.9.0(16 Nov 2013)
Improved graphics. Now register with Bitcoin.
Version: 4.8.0(27 Nov 2011)
Version: 4.7.2(19 Jul 2011)
Version: 4.7.1(01 Jan 2011)
New statistical functions, bug fixes etc.
Version: 4.7.0(19 May 2010)
New statistical functions, bug fixes etc.
Version: 4.6.2(26 Mar 2010)
Features for Educational Institutions
Version: 4.6.1(10 Jun 2009)
Features for Educational Institutions
Version: 4.6.0(02 May 2009)
Features for Educational Institutions
Version: 4.5.2(02 Apr 2009)
Features for Educational Institutions
Version: 4.5.0(05 Feb 2009)
Numerical Calculus other updates
Version: 4.4.0(24 Jan 2009)
Numerical Calculus & other updates
Version: 4.3.3(20 Dec 2008)
Version: 4.3.1(07 Dec 2008)
Version: 4.2.0(03 Jan 2008)
New Cubic Regression
Version: 4.1.0(27 May 2007)
New Cubic Regression
Version: 4.0.2(28 Feb 2007) - dcg_setup.exe
New Version 4 (Vista Compatible)
Version: 3.5.1 - dc3g_setup.exe

download (dcg_setup.exe - 4.87 MB)