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DotFix NiceProtect 3.6

Nice protection for your applications
Publisher: GPcH Soft
Category: Utilities
Version: 3.6
License: shareware
Cost: 85$
Size: 5.37 MB
Updated: 15 Jan 2009
NiceProtect means external protection for your applications. Protection is called external because it is set upon a compiled application and it does not require any modifications in the source code.
For example, if you implement a registration check in any way and then compile and publish this software on a website, any hacker can disassemble the program, find the registration check and crack the protection mechanism. To avoid this, you can use NiceProtect. If you protect your program with this protector after the compilation, hackers will not be able to disassemble and explore the application code because it will be encrypted. Moreover, the protection mechanism employs modern technologies of polymorphism and metamorphism, which makes it much more difficult for hackers to analyze the kernel of protection. It will be extremely hard to remove protection because the entry point of the program will be partially translated into metamorphic code and partially executed on the virtual machine, which will considerably complicate its restoration. In addition, if your wish, your program code will be packed, which will reduce the size of the program without any loss in its functionality. As a result, we have a nice packer + external protection that is recommended to be used in all your programs.

Version: 3.6(08 Dec 2008)
- RTTI Obfuscation improved
Version: 3.5(17 Aug 2008)
- Windows 2008 Server supported!
Version: 3.4(15 May 2008)
- BugFix: saving overlays in already packed files
Version: 3.1(10 Apr 2008)
- Packer engine improved (aPlib library updated to version 0.43)
- Packing Delphi and C++ Builder forms
- German help file fixed (thanks for Marc Crames)
- Tab order fixed
Version: 2.9(24 Nov 2007)
- Scripting language for optimizing before and after protection works
- New error codes in Command line mode (1 - protection failed, 2 - project not found)
Version: 2.5(21 May 2007)
- MAP file functions protection
- Virtualizing markers
- Delphi and C++ SDK and examples
- New powerfull disassembler
- Flags recovery in methamorph fixed
Version: 2.3(08 Apr 2007)
- Fix errors checking bug at "Start" button
- FASM v1.6.18 signature
- Fix TLS packing
Version: 2.2(11 Feb 2007)
- CMP mutation bug fixed;
- VM improved (polymorphic VM code);
- New methamorphic code conversions;
- EP decryptor improved (polymorphed decryptor code).
Version: 2.1(16 Jan 2007) -
Debug Directory saved in protected exe; metamorph improved; registration command line bug fixed; test command bug fixed; interface bug fixed
Version: 1.1 - InfoTree2004.Exe

download ( - 5.37 MB)