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Solitaire game with Dominoes.
Publisher: AlexGame
Category: Graphics and Video
Version: 2
License: shareware
Cost: 14.95$
Size: 2.95 MB
Updated: 10 Mar 2007
The classic game is played with 28 dominoes sometimes referred to as cards. Each domino is divided into halves, each having a number of spots. Any half without a spot is referred to as a blank. A domino that has identical halves is called a double.
There are seven of each numbered cards from blank to six. For the successful layout of the patience you should choose the pair of dominoes the sum of which is 12. For example, 0:0 and 6:6; 3:4 and 1:4 and so on. In order to select dominoes use the left button of the mouse. In order to deselect the domino use the right button of the mouse.
If you can't find the pair you can use the hint that will show you the possible options. If there are no options, the patience will be laid out from the very begging. When all dominoes are eliminated, the next layout will be made.
We have also decided not to limit the game with 28 dominoes and developed 66 dominoes mode of the game. The rules in this mode are the same as in 28 Dominoes Mode, but the number of dominoes is increased to 66. So there are could be more combinations in this mode and the game is tougher. In this mode of solitaire you should choose the dominoes the sum up to 20. This mode of the game is for those who like complexity!

download (domino_2.exe - 2.95 MB)