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DipTrace 2.3

Professional PCB Design System with easy-to-learn user interface
Publisher: Novarm, Ltd.
Category: CAD
Version: 2.3
License: shareware
Cost: 145$
Size: 59.65 MB
Updated: 03 Nov 2013
DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that consists of 4 modules: PCB Layout with high-class auto-router and 3D PCB Preview/Export, Schematic Capture, Component and Pattern Editors that allow you to design your own component libraries. Besides being very simple to learn, this software has a very intuitive user interface and many innovative features. For instance, a schematic can be converted to a PCB with one mouse click. Advanced manual placement and auto-placement features allow to get acceptable placement in several minutes. The board designer can instantly renew the PCB from an updated version of schematic and keep all previous work without changes. PCB and Schematic can be compared at any design stage to ensure they are identical. Hierarchical and multi-sheet schematics are supported. DipTrace has a powerful automatic router. It can route a single layer and multilayer circuit boards, and there is an option to autoroute a single layer board with jumper wires, if required. DipTrace also provides you with external autorouter support. Smart manual routing tools allow users to finalize the design and to get the results they want in a blink of an eye. Accurate shape-based copper pour system with different possible fill types and thermals is available. Other important features are Electrical Rule Check (ERC), Design Rule Check (DRC and Online DRC) and Net Connectivity Check - the functions that check connections in Schematic by different rules (pin type, short circuit, etc.), the clearance between layout objects, which ensures board accuracy, and connectivity of all nets not depending on how they are connected (with traces, thermals or shapes). DipTrace modules allow you to exchange schematics, layouts and libraries with other EDA and CAD packages. DipTrace Schematic Capture and PCB Layout also support popular netlist formats and spice. Output formats are DXF, Gerber, Drill and G-code. Standard libraries include 100.000+ components.

Version: 2.3(19 Oct 2012)
- OnLine DRC
- 3D VRML file export
- Custom Non-Signal Layers
- Working with hierarchy in PCB
- Pour priority and hiding ratlines based on poured area in copper pour
- Separate "Place Ratline" mode
- "Order PCB" feature
- 8000+ new parts
- Windows 8 compatibility
Version: 2.2(07 Sep 2011)
- 3D PCB Preview, 2580 standard package models available
- Redesigned libraries
- Net Classes
- Via Styles
- Oval (slotted) holes
- Improved manual routing
- Improved DRC
- Improved support of hierarchical schematics
- speed optimization
Version: 2.1(10 Feb 2010)
- High-class shape-based auto-router
- Dimensions
- Improved component editors
- Saving settings with project file
- OrCAD Import/Export
- many other new features
- UI polishing
- Windows Vista/7 compatibility
- 16000+ new components
Version: 2.0(17 Feb 2009)
- Design manager
- Hierarchical schematic
- Fanout
- Manual routing improved
- Arc traces
- many other new features
- 8000+ new components
Version: 1.50(06 Mar 2008)
- Open GL, Direct 3D
- Vector font
- Panelizing
- Copper pour island removal
- Selecting/Deselecting objects by type, layer, etc.
- many other new features
- 9000+ new components
Version: 1.40(23 May 2007)
- Auto-placement
- Placement by list and arrangement
- Spice support
- Edge connector patterns support (smd pads on both sides of pattern)
- gerber "export all" option
- quick update from Schematic (shortcut key)
- many other new features
Version: 1.30(25 Oct 2006)
- Customizing colors (black background, etc.)
- Gerber import.
- Electra auto-router integration
- Netlist support
- Exporting Schematic to DXF.
- Component rotation by a desired (non-90) angle.
- Lock/Unlock objects.
- Editing Paste/Mask layers separately.
- Board cutouts.
- Trace length measurement.
- Blind/buried pads/static vias.
Version: 1.23

download (diptrace_en.exe - 59.65 MB)