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DevPlanner 2.3.59

Convenient tool for managing tasks and planning daily activities.
Publisher: Fedorenko
Category: Project Management
Version: 2.3.59
License: shareware
Cost: 43$
Size: 3.00 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
DevPlanner is a hierarchical planning and estimating tool. It helps managing tasks and daily schedules. Shows early and current estimates, as well as actual time spent. It can automatically calculate and order self-imposed deadlines for estimated tasks to evolve time feeling and controlling project milestones. Provides history navigation, customizable printer friendly reports, including project reports and timesheets, powerful search and time tracking, that can reduce effort on common administrative tasks. This tool is convenient for preparing detailed work breakdown and accurate project time estimations. It generates mood map as colors. DevPlanner supports drag-and-drop and can improve planning from the groove to interesting game. Play it daily and never miss an important task or activity.

Version: 2.3.59(03 Oct 2010)
New Daily Time Plan report released which shows all activities and supports up to 365 days.
Version: 2.3.55(07 Nov 2009)
DevPlanner v2.3.55 allows rescheduling incomplete tasks to the next working day.
Version: 2.3.53(25 Apr 2009)
DevPlanner v2.3.53 provides new report template Stage overestimation.
Version: 2.3.50(29 Dec 2008)
DevPlanner v2.3.50 allows tracking time for a task immediately and to name it later.
Version: 2.3.41(27 Oct 2008)
DevPlanner v2.3.41 shows summaries for scheduled tasks.
Version: 2.3.35(21 Mar 2008)
DevPlanner 2.3.35 allows grabbing Outlook emails with drag-and-drop.
Version: 2.3.28(20 Aug 2007)
DevPlanner 2.3.28 provides hotkeys for inserting date and time in comments.
Version: 2.3.22(12 Jun 2007)
DevPlanner 2.3.22 provides mood tracking by colors.
Version: 2.3.20(08 May 2007)
DevPlanner 2.3.20 provides hotkeys for easy insertion of current date and time in descriptions.
Version: 2.3.11(12 Feb 2007)
DevPlanner 2.3.11 provides task reminders to notify beforehand about upcoming task or event.
Version: 2.3.6(08 Jan 2007)
DevPlanner 2.3.6 includes possibility to resize and drag-and-drop schedule in the weekly calendar.
Version: 2.2.7

download (DPlnr.exe - 3.00 MB)