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Copy file names to the Clipboard, Microsoft Word and Excel, or to text files
Publisher: Robinmatch Limited
Category: IDEs & Coding Utilities
License: shareware
Cost: 24$
Size: 4.09 MB
Updated: 19 Apr 2009
Copy Windows file names and over 290 file properties,to the Clipboard, and into Microsoft Word tables and Excel spreadsheets, XML, HTML, CSV or tab-delimited formats, Google Documents and Google Spreadhseets, aand disk files. DDFileCatcher communicates with Microsoft Word or Excel, making tables or adding to them. DDFileCatcher catches files, shortcuts or folders dropped onto it from programs such as Windows Explorer, My Computer or Windows dialogs. It turns the files into full file paths. Over 290 pieces of file information can be listed including MP3 information, all image file properties, and all Microsoft Office document properties. Can list thousands of files at a time. No need to open another program and navigate to folders, just use Windows Explorer. It's like Windows Explorer is a supermarket, and DDFileCatcher is a shopping basket, just pick the files you want from anywhere and drop them onto DDFileCatcher. Copy one file name, a complete folder or from several folders, automatically seaching subfolders, the result of a file search, and make a list for printing, or storing in a spreadsheet or database. DDFileCatcher is ideal for file cataloging, getting filepaths to paste into "file open" dialogs, "hard-coded" filepaths as used in computer programming, listing the files you have used or changed, and for any application where you need to record file paths and folder names accurately and easily. A separate download is available for Windows versions earlier than Windows XP.

Version: Feb 2009)
Improved listing performance for large numbers of MP3 files. Updated file for listing Microsoft Office 2007 document properties.
Version: 3.04.4(02 Feb 2009) - ddfc3.msi
Changed to use a Windows Installer Package file for installation.
Version: 3.036(25 Nov 2008)
Added HTML table output. Added new category of file property - Version Information. This is the information found on the Windows Explorer file properties version tab.
Version: 3.03(21 Aug 2008)
Improved help screens and method of entering the keycode.
Version: 3.00(14 Jul 2008) - ddfcatch3.exe
Now exports file information to Microsoft Excel and Word directly from DDFileCatcher, rather than using menus installed in Excel and Word.
Version: 2.5024.1(18 Feb 2008)
Version: 2.5014(02 May 2007)
Improved formating of csv and tab delimited output
Version: 2.5013(31 Mar 2007)
Fixed bug which was causing Document Properties not to be displayed
Version: 2.5012(11 Dec 2006)
Added "File Owner" property
Version: 2.5011(11 Dec 2006) - ddfcatch.exe
Added "File Owner" property
Version: 2.5006 -

download (ddfc3.msi - 4.09 MB)