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D3DGear 4.02

A very fast record video game movie & capture screenshot software
Publisher: D3DGear Technologies
Category: File Sharing
Version: 4.02
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 4.38 MB
Updated: 05 Aug 2011
D3DGear is a very fast video game recording software, it records video game movie without slowing down the game. You also can use D3DGear to measure video game frame rate (FPS), capture game screenshot and record Windows Aero Desktop to movie.

Version: 4.02(21 Jan 2011)
D3DGear Version 3.60 fixed the issue where movie recording could cause DX11 games to crash.
Version: 3.15(22 Apr 2008)
D3DGear Version 3.15 improved movie recording performance while recording game into WMV movie file format.
Version: 3.10(09 Mar 2008)
D3DGear Version 3.08 fixed the issue where D3DGear Ingame Desktop would cause Windows desktop background color inadvertently be changed to black.
Version: 2.03(26 Sep 2007)
Added new feature: Recent Games right click menu. Recent Games menu lists the 3D games you have played recently; that allows you quickly launch your favorite game directly from this menu.
Version: 1.95(21 May 2007)
Fixed the issue that, on Vista, D3DGear didn't work with game World of Warcraft.
Version: 1.93(30 Apr 2007)
Fixed the issue where D3DGear didn't work with Windows Vista 64 Desktop Window Manager.
Version: 1.90(07 Mar 2007)
Added x64 OS support, including Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP x64.
Version: 1.81(10 Feb 2007)
Added a new option, audio Volume button, to movie recording.
Version: 1.80(16 Jan 2007) - D3DGearSetup.exe
Added new feature: PerfGraph. This feature displays performance graph on screen at real time.
Version: 1.64 - KDS-Setup.exe

download (D3DGearSetup.exe - 4.38 MB)