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Secure Email CryptoHeaven 3.7

Highly Secure Email, Chat, Instant Messaging, and Collaboration.
Publisher: CryptoHeaven Secure Email
Category: File Sharing
Version: 3.7
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 10.79 MB
Updated: 15 Apr 2013
Secure and encrypted email with integrated business class secure Instant Messaging.

Collaborate on confidential projects, store your private files online in an encrypted vault.

Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network setup, administration, or maintenance. Includes anonymous email options.

Formally comply with privacy and security provisions of: HIPAA, GLBA, SEC 17a-4; NASD 3010.

The easy to use, secure system automatically and effectively manages encryption without any user input. Turn key solution with no ongoing maintenance.

Version: 3.7(19 Sep 2012)
This is a major update to this secure email and document exchange platform.
Version: 3.5.3(03 Nov 2011)
Fixed occasional incomplete uploads when using multiple file attachments or Q&A encryption. Fixed occasional static noise in voice mail recordings. We also updated upload progress indicators and any aborts are now clearly reported.
Version: 3.5(17 Oct 2011)
Secure file uploads are now handled in the background leaving the interface available to the user. Secure email with large attachments are now easily sent regardless of quality of the Internet connection. Chat/Instant Messages support in-line attachments.
Version: 3.4(23 Feb 2011)
New rich text editor for email composition, more streamlined contact creation, and email preview with optional image filtering.
Version: 3.3.4(21 Jan 2011)
This release adds rapid secure sharing of folders to anyone with an email address, improved server responses by combining requests, and navigation templates for improved usability.
Version: 3.3.2(03 Jan 2011)
Increased storage quotas, introduced different notification sounds, improved usability with specific improvements to new accounts.
Version: 3.2.3(02 Aug 2010)
Improved robustness of server connectivity, especially on cellular networks. Increased font sizes for message compose and view areas.
Version: 3.1.1(22 Feb 2010)
New context sensitive toolbars for improved usability. Improved contact list building and automated invitation management.
Version: 3.0.0(22 Jan 2010)
improved contact list building and automated invitation management
Version: 2.9.6(15 Oct 2009) - cryptoheaven-windows.exe
Implemented the ability to suspend group accounts and the ability to make mass group account changes. Improved IM chat.
Version: 2.9.4(31 Jul 2009)
Implemented the ability to suspend group accounts and the ability to make mass group account changes. Improved IM chat.
Version: 2.9.3(01 Jun 2009) - CryptoHeaven_windows_2_9_3.exe
Implemented the ability to suspend group accounts and the ability to make mass group account changes. Improved IM chat.
Version: 2.9.0(14 Jan 2009) - CryptoHeaven_windows_2_9_0.exe
Added encrypted voice email.
Version: 2.8.2(11 Jun 2008) - CryptoHeaven_windows_2_8_2.exe
improved firewall traversal, improved international character support, simplified contact creation, added email export
Version: 2.7.3(01 Nov 2007)
Implemented encrypted password recovery.
Version: 2.7.2(01 Aug 2007)
Implemented a search funciton for all encrypted content.
Version: 2.7.1(01 May 2007)
Implemented a common recycle bin for all items: emails, addresses, instant messages and files. Reduced installation package size.
Version: 2.7.0(17 Jan 2007)
Added a single click action to open attachments and files from file folders.
Version: 2.6.1

download (cryptoheaven-windows.exe - 10.79 MB)