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Cross+A 7.09

Solve crosswords, anagrams, word-based puzzles, nonograms and sudokus
Publisher: Sergey Kutasov
Category: Games
Version: 7.09
License: shareware
Cost: 30$
Size: 6.48 MB
Updated: 20 Nov 2008
The purpose of Cross+A is to simplify the solution of crosswords, word-based puzzles, anagrams, cryptarithms and logic puzzles (Nonogram, Sudoku, Kakuro, Hitori, Slitherlink, Link-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix, Battleship, Hashiwokakero, Masyu, Light Up, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Kuromasu, Nurikabe, Tents). Cross+A provides very flexible and powerful search tools. User can search English words by known letters and descriptions as well as find anagrams and word-combinations. The program uses a dictionary of 159000 English words (part of them - with descriptions). User can add new words, delete and change descriptions or copy them to the clipboard. Program has a nonogram editor for the puzzle creating. Cross+A contains the list of English proverbs and sayings (the lists of French, German, Italian and Spanish proverbs are available for downloading).

Version: 7.09(28 Jun 2008)
Tents solving was added. International Ispell is supported now.
Version: 7.08(30 Apr 2008)
Nurikabe solving was added. GNU Aspell is supported now.
Version: 7.07(09 Mar 2008)
Kuromasu solving. Bugs were fixed.
Version: 7.04(31 Oct 2007)
Version: 7.0(02 Jun 2007)
Version: 6.15(25 Apr 2007)
Using of two dictionaries for spell checking.
Version: 6.14(05 Feb 2007)
Version: 6.13(08 Nov 2006)
Kakuro solving. Creating of sudokus.
Version: 6.12

download ( - 6.48 MB)