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CRM-Express Professional 2015.7.1

Contact Management with marketing, sales, invoicing etc.
Publisher: PGCSoft
Category: Business
Version: 2015.7.1
License: shareware
Cost: 95$
Size: 55.89 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
CRM Software -CRM-Express Professional can manage your marketing, customers, sales and orders. Features include SMS abilities, Email Client, Calendar, Address Book, My work day, News Feeds, Meeting Planner, Company Library, Form Designer, Journal. CRM-Express is now fully re-entrant and multi-user. CRM-Express Professional has a flexible, multiview calendar, a built-in e-mail client, a list of news feeds, and a to-do list. It also has a contact list allowing the user to group contacts into companies etc. The program also includes a full-featured inventory and invoicing client, allowing users to add products and then create quotes, orders, and statements, as well as track payments. A journal feature helps users keep track of phone calls and other events of the day. The Home screen provides links to the program's most frequently used features and At a Glance screen provides an overview of contacts, sales, invoices, payments, and more. The program's built-in Help file is lengthy and well-organized, with plenty of screenshots. New additions to the program is the ability to manage your online sales. It has built-in parsers for Amazon, EBay, Share-it!, Regnow as well as a few other payment processors. If your payment processor is not on the list then you can use the built-in editor to add it. Sales are parsed directly from emails and customers, invoices and products are automatically created. There is also a web-to-lead option witch allows the user to automatically parse new leads into the database. An auto-reply option allows for auto-replies. A list management option allows for management of email lists and sending mail in bulk. Furthermore, there is a built-in bar code printing module, a label printing module, a word processor with the option to mail merge. It can also do email campaigns and email Drip Marketing

Version: 2015.7.1(13 Jul 2015)
Maintenance Release - Windows 8 and 10 fixes
Version: 2013.5.9(31 May 2013)
Maintenance Release - Fixed a few problems
Version: 2012.9.4(25 Sep 2012)
Maintenance Release - User interface changes
Version: 2012.3.3(13 Mar 2012)
Maintenance Release - Fixed language bug
Version: 2011.11.3(23 Nov 2011)
Maintenance Release - IMAP Enhancements
Version: 2010.6.1(09 Jun 2010)
Maintenance Release - Added country dropdown
Version: 2009.7.3(02 Aug 2009)
Version: 2009.7.1(06 Jul 2009)
Version: 2009.6.4(27 Jun 2009)
Version: 2009.5.1(12 May 2009)
Added faxing, miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
Version: 2009.4.3(06 Apr 2009)
Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
Version: 2009.3(17 Mar 2009)
Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
Version: 2009.1(08 Jan 2009)
Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
Version: 3.69(20 Nov 2008)
Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements
Version: 3.66(05 Nov 2008)
Maintenance release - fixes to upgrading
Version: 3.58(01 Oct 2008)
EMail enhancements: Can now auto-reply on emails
Version: 3.57(19 Sep 2008)
Maintenance release and email enhancements
Version: 3.56(05 Sep 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.54(18 Aug 2008)
Show Email Images bug fix and import global options from previous versions
Version: 3.52(31 Jul 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.51(17 Jul 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.49(26 Jun 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.47(09 Jun 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.46(23 May 2008)
Maintenance release and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.44(20 Apr 2008)
Error fixes and User interface enhancements
Version: 3.38(10 Mar 2008)
Synchronization, major changes to email
Version: 3.21(29 Jun 2007)
New Outlook contact import
Version: 3.10(07 May 2007)
Extended email capabilities, multi-currency capabilities
Version: 3.09(23 Apr 2007)
Multiple email lists, email exclusion list
Version: 3.06(13 Mar 2007)
Major changes to email
Version: 3.04(05 Mar 2007)
Version: 3.02(27 Feb 2007)
Fixed Report view, fixed CSV Contact import, fixed Range Error
Version: 3.01(20 Feb 2007)
Fixed Font Size, New At a glance view
Version: 3.00(13 Feb 2007) -
Remembers address books when re-installing
Version: 2.7(22 Jan 2007) -
CRM-Express now re-entrant, multi-user network enabled
Version: -

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