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Cool Timer 5.1.6

Handy timer solution with many cool features. Great for teachers.
Publisher: Harmony Hollow Software
Category: Home/Hobby
Version: 5.1.6
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 3.60 MB
Updated: 08 Feb 2014
Handy timer utility with many cool features. Can be used like an oven timer in countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically using any of several high-quality, built-in images or any image on your computer. In countdown mode, the image is gradually wiped away or revealed in a radial, clock-like, sweep pattern in sync with the time as it passes. This is good for kids who can't yet comprehend time passage using digits to understand how much time is left on the counter or for adults who prefer a visual representation of time as opposed to digits. This feature can be quickly and easily toggled on or off at any time. Use any of several built-in alarm sounds or any sound file on your computer. Countdown mode is great for teachers or parents to set a time limit for kids' tasks or activities. There is even a customizable, scrolling marquee message that can pop up when the alarm sounds. You can enter any text for the message and even specify the text color. Use the program in alarm clock mode to wake you up at any time of day using any sound you choose as an alarm. There is also a configurable snooze feature that silences the alarm temporarily for a short amount of time that you specify so you can sleep a little longer. Stopwatch mode is great to keep track of how much time you spend on a particular project if you are charging customers by the hour. It uses precision down to hundredths of a second. You can save preset time lengths and alarm clock times in countdown and alarm clock mode to re-enter them quickly and easily should you need to use the same times frequently. Several instances of the program can be run simultaneously to time several things at once. Each instance can be labeled in its title bar to uniquely identify what is being timed by each one. The program's digits can be enlarged to full-screen size if you need to see them from a great distance.

Version: 5.1.6(29 Dec 2013)
System volume is now automatically adjusted when alarms sound and returned to previous setting when alarm is turned off.
Added better support for Windows XP.
Fixed an issue that would cause built-in alarm sounds to not play properly in some cases.
Added audio indicator when volume is
Version: 5.1.5(07 Dec 2013)
Fixed an issue that would cause an error when deleting scheduled alarms in alarm clock mode.
Version: 5.1.4(01 Dec 2013)
Added ability to apply changes to alarm clock alarm for only next occurrence of that alarm, then automatically revert back to previous setting.
Version: 5.1.3(12 Nov 2013)
No longer minimized to System Tray by default when x button is clicked. User must select this option in preferences if they want this behavior.
Warning message is now displayed if you attempt to close the program with alarm clock alarms pending.
Version: 5.1.2(27 Oct 2013)
Puzzle window now blocks entire screen so nothing else can be accessed until puzzle is solved.
Version: 5.1.1(07 Oct 2013)
Fixed issue with alarm clock status message. Added option to specify whether or not to repeat alarms weekly. Added quick select option for weekdays. Fixed an issue that would cause alarms to not work if more than one was set and the last one was disabled.
Version: 4.9.3(21 Apr 2013)

Added new sound to list of built-in alarm sounds.

Version: 4.9.2(09 Apr 2013)

Fixed a bug that caused auto-restart to behave erratically in some cases.

Version: 4.9.1(04 Dec 2012)

Fixed some minor bugs.

Version: 4.8.5(12 Oct 2012)
Fixed issue that would cause an exception when loading sounds at startup on some computers. Fixed issue with manually entering alarm time in alarm clock mode.
Version: 4.8.3(30 Sep 2012)
Fixed built-in alarm sounds become distorted after prolonged looping on some older Windows versions. Fixed marquee message text not being saved between sessions. Added ability to press enter to activate alarm in alarm clock mode. Fixed some dialogs being not shown properly.
Version: 4.8.1(21 Sep 2012)
Fixed an issue with the auto-restart feature. Improved update system so that user settings are retained when new versions are installed.
Version: 4.5(06 Sep 2012)
Greatly improved accuracy of countdown timer
Version: 4.2(29 Aug 2012)
Auto-restart feature, choose digital LED style or regular font for digits, adjust time while timer is counting down, optionally show larger, re-sizable digits in place of image visualization, fixed distorted sound for some users, integration with Windows shell, several other bug fixes.
Version: 4.0(26 Jul 2012)
Entirely redesigned interface. Added visualization feature. Change modes quickly and easily on the fly. Configurable startup mode or use last-used. Many more built-in alarm sounds. Run several instances and label each one. Change color of scrolling marquee message. Much more.
Version: 3.7(02 Nov 2010)
Fixed bug that would cause a runtime error sometimes when running in "Alarm Clock" mode. Fixed bug that would not allow manually entering times using the keyboard in some instances.
Version: 3.6(18 Aug 2008)
Fixed bug that would cause a runtime error sometimes when running in "Alarm Clock" mode. Fixed bug that would not allow manually entering times using the keyboard in some instances.
Version: 3.5(03 Jun 2008)
Added ability to use program like a stopwatch. Added option to display scrolling LED-style text message when alarm sounds.
Version: 3.3(13 Jan 2008)
New, more accurate timer engine, fixed bug that made some mp3 files not play properly
Version: 3.2(07 Dec 2007)
Added several built-in sounds to use as alarm.
Version: 2.1

download (ctimer.exe - 3.60 MB)