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Convert and burn your avi, divx, and other such files to DVD in 1 click.
Publisher: VSO-Software
Category: Utilities
License: shareware
Cost: 44.99$
Size: 49.04 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
ConvertXtoDVD is a 1 click solution to convert and burn your movie files to a compatible DVD playable on your home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports the most popular types of video and subtitles file. Equipped with a fast and quality encoder you get excellent results quickly. The recommended settings are selected so that you get the best result possible. If you do decide to edit your videos or change any settings a live preview will help validate any editing you do to your video before the conversion. Choose fullscreen or widescreen (4:3 or 16:9) as well as your choice for NTSC or PAL. You can create your own menu, merge files, add custom chapters, remove unwanted parts of the video such as commercials, rotate videos, change the brightness/contrast/sharpness, and includes an audio normalizer! Multiple audio and subtitle tracks are supported. Subtitles can be converted as external subtitles or embedded into the video, and can be tweaked to your desire: color, font, code page, positioning and so on. Audio, video, and subtitle synchronization can be corrected with an easy to use" offset" feature. You can change your output size and encoding quality and select the resize filters you want to be used. Professional type settings are available like adding an intro video to play before loading the main menu or add a watermark/copyright to videos. Hardware decoding technology is included to lighten the CPU's load. For the final step, save the conversion to your hard drive, burn to ISO or DVD, single or double layer disk, any brand of disks with any brand of burners. Set up your favorite burning settings. ConvertXtoDVD is available in multiple languages. User guide included and VSO support guaranteed for your slightest problems.

Version: Jan 2016) - vsoConvertXtoDVD6_setup.exe
New menu editor that allows for total menu customization, option to add watermark like copyright to videos, new audio normalization feature added, feature added to play an intro video (plays before main menu), many new menu designs and types, new setting for image sharpness and image enhancer
Version: Dec 2015)
Burning problem fixed, menu problems fixed, problem when app minimizes to taskbar and doesn't open - fixed, and other minor bugs corrected
Version: Aug 2015)
increased compatibility with Windows 10 among other minor improvements
Version: Jun 2015)
Fixed problem where output size was too big to burn onto single layer DVD, fixes problem when app doesn't close on exit (stay in task manager) and other minor bugs corrected
Version: Mar 2015)
Version: Feb 2015)
fixes argument out of range error, problem with menu customizations and other minor corrections
Version: Jan 2014)
bugs fixed: default subtitle for playback not working and some treeview menu and playback settings not taken into account
Version: Jan 2014)
New burning engine improved, and corrects compatibility problem where application did not launch - sometimes shown as runtime error, many other minor bugs corrected
Version: Nov 2013)
Long list of various bugs corrected related to all aspects of the software: encoding engine (audio, video, and subtitles), better file format support, interface issues fixed and burning engine also updated.
Version: Mar 2013)
minor interface changes and corrects no audio detected when loading video_ts files
Version: Mar 2013)
Now supports trp files, ability to change conversion priority in tray icon, minor interface corrections, image quality improved when input video resolution is the same as output video resolution and fixes cases when program was not ending when closed
Version: 5.0.(20 Feb 2013)
Interface revamped, new video editing window - play all editing in real time. New: cut video sections, change menu duration, rotate video, hard code subtitles, adjust brightness, import existing chapters, hardware acceleration added. Also: video and audio quality improved, even better audio/video
Version: Feb 2013)
Better Windows 8 compatibility, 2pass and maximize bitrate quality settings made better, better support of ts4, mp4 and m2v files and other various bugs corrected
Version: Jan 2013) - vsoConvertXtoDVD5_setup.exe
Various fixes: corrects support for DVD files, conversions complete when audio compression used, file batcher updated, better support for TS files, interface bugs fixed, and many other corrections
Version: May 2011)
burning dll updated which fixes memory error when working folder is a server
Version: May 2011)
fix chapter edition in treeview not working in all cases
Version: Apr 2011)
minor corrections on various issues
Version: Apr 2011)
new features include widescreen menus, auto adjustment of menu items, thriller menu template enhanced with transitions, and other user issues corrected
Version: Mar 2011)
Thriller menu template corrected
Version: Jan 2011)
corrects problem with mkv files including ssa tracks, minor interface improvements, translations updated
Version: Dec 2010)
rare audio problems corrected, translations updated, added support for VC-1, corrected open saved project bug.
Version: Nov 2010)
corrects some audio video sync issues, fix burning engine crash condition on random cases, restores support for dvr-ms file, and translations updated
Version: Sep 2010)
Some minor interface bugs corrected
Version: Mar 2010)
Fix XEON processor support and added ClickFree automatic backup compatibility
Version: May 2010)
minor bugs corrected
Version: Mar 2010)
Fix XEON processor support and added ClickFree automatic backup compatibility
Version: Dec 2009)
new easy mode merge file feature, interface fixes, various bug corrections, and improved conversion advisor
Version: 4.0.3(09 Nov 2009) - vsoConvertXtoDVD4_setup.exe
New features added including 2 pass encoding, multi-core support, new upscaling and downscaling image filters, and compatible with Windows 7
Version: Aug 2009)
new burning SDK, default menu template fixed
Version: 3.7.2(17 Jul 2009)
new burning SDK dll, video and audio fixed in menus, improved support for M2TS / EVOB/FLV, updated translations
Version: 3.6.13(26 Jun 2009)
fix green line that happens on some mpeg2 files, and corrects weird behavior in chapter creation when converting a movie file.
Version: 3.6.4(29 May 2009)
Some CPU bug fixes, new image scaler, menu template bugs corrected, and errors with Raw RGB32 video files corrected
Version: Mar 2009)
various bugs corrected including conversions done at slower speed, subtitle problems, freezes on playback
Version: Jan 2009)
Fix mkv regression, language update, updated burning SDK to version
Version: Dec 2008)
Fix out of sync, overflow and nasty interface issues.
Version: 3.2.4(14 Nov 2008)
Interface fixes, subtitle issues fixes, now using VSO Burning SDK 3.0.2
Version: Oct 2008)
improved optional video resize window, added support for split .trp streams, translations added and updated
Version: Aug 2008)
major audio engine improvements: new audio format output selection, audio/video sync corrections, new subtitle support corrections, and other bug fixes
Version: Jul 2008)
added new menu template with mirror effects, support for ISO output, fixes on some problematic and crashing files, Redesigned hinting of the treeview, and translation fixes and clarification
Version: 3.1.2(02 Jul 2008)
small bug fix on menu organization
Version: Jun 2008)
bug fixes, notably freeze during title set operation and bundled with burning SDK 2.1.10
Version: Jun 2008)
New MPEG decoder and various bug corrections: color on subtitles, regression on rmvb and wmv files
Version: Jun 2008)
Various bug corrections related to HDTV and subtitle files, access violations happening with some AVI files and more
Version: May 2008)
New live preview of menu, more support for older processors, more MKVs and ts files supported, and other bugs fixed
Version: Mar 2008)
Supports multi-core processors, advanced menu creation, file merging, new conversion advisor, more subtitles supported
Version: Feb 2008) - vsoConvertXtoDVD3_setup.exe
Improved SSA/ASS tag support, New default subtitle settings, other minor bug fixes
Version: 2.2.2(06 Jun 2007)
New AVI demuxer providing better audio and video synchronization, better support for WMV and Adobe Premiere files among other changes
Version: 2.1.18(22 Apr 2007)
Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings
Version: 2.1.14(22 Mar 2007)
Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings
Version: 2.1.11(04 Feb 2007)
Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings
Version: 2.1.4(04 Oct 2006) - vsoConvertXtoDVD2_setup.exe
Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings
Version: 2.0.12 - dclo3d.exe

download (vsoConvertXtoDVD6_setup.exe - 49.04 MB)