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 IconCode VBA
Code-VBA coding tools let you create better VBA code faster
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 IconDemolition Derby & Figure 8 Race
If you like to cause accidents in racing games, then this is the game for you.
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 IconPVL - Print Preview Library source codes
PVL - Print Preview Library for C++
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Allows .Net developers to create applications that play, record, convert sound.
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Report generator with visual designer, dialog forms and scripting languages
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 IconAccuracer Database System
Compact single-file multi-user client/server BDE replacement with SQL support
SIZE: 3.55 MB shareware 05 Aug 2005
  IconAidAim CryptoPressStream
Most powerful Delphi / C++ Builder streaming compression and encryption library
SIZE: 1.04 MB shareware 11 Nov 2004
 IconCode Summarizer
Code Summarizer is a Visual Studio Addin for code navigation and browsing.
SIZE: 0.43 MB freeware 15 Dec 2007
  IconChart component .Net
Charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts.
SIZE: 6.46 MB shareware 10 Mar 2008
Boost up performance without being a Windows Expert.
SIZE: 3.61 MB demo 23 May 2005
  IconAlchemist XML IDE Standard FREEWARE
Alchemist XML IDE, is a free advanced XML Integrated Development Environment.
SIZE: 5.13 MB freeware 16 Jan 2008
Powerful editor for web coder and programmer.
SIZE: 2.65 MB demo 14 May 2008
  IconCode 128 C++ class
Code 128 C++ class to draw Code 128 barcode
SIZE: 0.33 MB shareware 01 Nov 2005
 IconElegant Ribbon
New generation user interface like that introduced in Microsoft Office 2007
SIZE: 18.93 MB shareware 09 Feb 2008
  IconManco.Chart for WPF
Chart control creates 49 2D/3D chart for .NET 3.0 WPF applications.
SIZE: 3.57 MB shareware 25 Nov 2007
 IconManco .NET Licensing System
Copy protection and software licensign for .NET applications and controls.
SIZE: 6.41 MB shareware 28 Feb 2008
  IconWinFax DDE Development Kit for Visual Basic
Why waste hours of development time implementing DDE with WinFax PRO
SIZE: 1.21 MB shareware 26 Feb 2007
 IconVirtual Printer Driver Source Code
Includes source code for the Northeast Data Corp
SIZE: 1.21 MB shareware 26 Feb 2007
  IconOffice Viewer OCX
Office Viewer OCX enables your application to display and interact with
SIZE: 1.21 MB shareware 26 Feb 2007
 IconHierCube full source codes
HierCube ActiveX control with full sources
SIZE: 1.21 MB shareware 26 Feb 2007
  IconImacros Scipting edition
Internet Macros SE is THE solution for professional web automation
SIZE: 3.39 MB shareware 22 Mar 2007
Results: 21-36 of 36 results.first | previous | 1 | 2