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 IconLock My PC
Protect your valuable data by locking your PC with a double click! Try it now!
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Digital video surveillance system software for home or office security.
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 IconActive Keylogger Home
Record all keystrokes on your PC when you...
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 IconHide Folders XP
Hide folders containing your private information with just a click! Try it now!
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 IconSpices.Net Suite
Set of tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, recover, convert, optimize
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 IconVShell Server for UNIX
SSH server providing fine tune control over access and file transfer privileges
SIZE: 6.00 MB shareware 17 Dec 2015
Detect, monitor & map (incl. GPS) wireless networks (WiFi) including channels.
SIZE: 2.96 MB shareware 19 Mar 2015
 IconPersonal Inspector
Monitor PC activity by recording keystrokes, application events and visited URLs
SIZE: 1.46 MB shareware 09 May 2011
  IconDisk Password Protection
Password protect the operating system load, disks, and their partitions
SIZE: 10.58 MB shareware 16 Nov 2015
 IconKeylogger King Pro
Monitor how your employees use their work-time and log everything they type.
SIZE: 1.39 MB shareware 24 Nov 2005
  IconPassword Spectator
Software that lets you see the actual password behind the asterisks.
SIZE: 0.55 MB freeware 12 Apr 2006
Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption using strong crypto.
SIZE: 13.14 MB shareware 26 Jul 2012
  IconThe Lock
Regulation compliant access control, monitoring and system security for Windows.
SIZE: 40.37 MB shareware 16 Jan 2011
 IconAlive File Encryption
Secure single files as well as full directory structures with a password.
SIZE: 1.06 MB shareware 26 Jun 2004
  IconSilver Key
Creates self-extracting encrypted files for sending over the Internet.
SIZE: 11.75 MB shareware 07 Apr 2013
Powerful photo compression tool - easily share photos with friends and family.
SIZE: 5.95 MB demo 03 Mar 2010
  IconSybrex SpeedPDF Protection Manager
Change, add or remove PDF security settings with this software application.
SIZE: 1.12 MB shareware 02 Apr 2007
 IconHot Wild Misty Screensaver
Hot Wild Misty Explicit Screensaver
SIZE: 3.55 MB freeware 16 Jun 2006
  IconBug Registry
Bug Registry is a tracking tool for search your bugs.
SIZE: 1.86 MB shareware 24 Oct 2006
Instantly disables real spy programs. Makes data stealing impossible.
SIZE: 4.23 MB shareware 30 Mar 2009
  IconAurora Password Manager
A password management solution for both corporate and individual users.
SIZE: 3.09 MB commercial (29$) 27 Aug 2007
 IconMax File Encryption
The program can encrypt files, hide files and create self-decrypting packages
SIZE: 1.09 MB shareware 09 Aug 2006
  IconDefenseWall HIPS
The easiest way to protect yourself when you surf the Internet!
SIZE: 3.55 MB shareware 05 Jun 2008
 Icon2X SecureRDP for Terminal Services
Accept/Deny RDP sessions to Windows Terminal Services by IP, Mac address etc.
SIZE: 1.34 MB freeware 06 Nov 2005
  IconDistributed Password Recovery
Two PCs recover passwords quicker than one. Try to use all your computers...
SIZE: 2.97 MB shareware 06 Feb 2006
Results: 41-60 of 75 results.first | previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | next | last