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Extraordinary puzzle based on laws of optics. One of a kind game you'll love!
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 IconKIKEE DVD to ZUNE Converter
Convert your DVD movie to ZUNE easily.
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 IconAdmin Script Editor
An integrated set of scripting tools for admins with several unique features
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Fully automatic crossword puzzle making tool
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 IconZodiac Tower
Mysterious puzzling adventure
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 IconKIKEE DVD to ZUNE Converter
Convert your DVD movie to ZUNE easily.
SIZE: 2.72 MB shareware 05 Nov 2006
  IconCherokee Trails
Explore a ghostly trail based on Cherokee history.
SIZE: 5.55 MB demo 03 Dec 2003
Fish for pearls in combo-making adventure deep under the sea.
SIZE: 5.77 MB demo 28 Jan 2011
  IconAlly's Adventure Through the Glass
Ally follows her cat into a strange world in a fun fantasy adventure.
SIZE: 8.95 MB shareware 08 Nov 2004
 IconAtlantis Quest
Quest for Atlantis in this classic style matching game with a dazzling new twist
SIZE: 10.00 MB shareware 06 Mar 2008
  IconJezzball Deluxe
This is a totally new kind of a remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix game.
SIZE: 3.96 MB shareware 04 Mar 2008
 IconSuper Cubes
A puzzle game with outstanding sound effects and extremely addictive gameplay.
SIZE: 7.00 MB shareware 17 Feb 2005
  IconWeave Words
Create words of three or more letters, and use them to uncover hidden phrases.
SIZE: 4.01 MB demo 23 May 2004
 IconBoard Games Collection
The game is a collection of four board games. It makes you faster!
SIZE: 3.00 MB shareware 14 Nov 2004
  IconElite Sudoku
Sudoku - most popular Japanese style logic puzzle with simple rules.
SIZE: 1.49 MB shareware 03 Aug 2005
Sudoku16 is complicated version of sudoku game destined for real puzzle lovers
SIZE: 1.73 MB shareware 10 Feb 2006
  IconAntiquity Riddles
Twist your brain to solve an ancient riddle and reach the treasure!
SIZE: 2.56 MB shareware 22 Jul 2006
 IconExotic Minesweeper
Play minesweeper on different boards with unusual tiles.
SIZE: 0.65 MB shareware 17 Jan 2009
  IconCrazy Minesweeper
Play new styled full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.
SIZE: 0.48 MB shareware 11 Feb 2009
 IconOnefog Xonix
Onefog Xonix is original realization of a well-known arcade QIX.
SIZE: 3.36 MB shareware 29 Mar 2004
  IconBrain Gym 2 (Pocket PC)
A powerful mix of brilliant arcade, strategy and action games. Try FREE!
SIZE: 3.54 MB shareware 18 Jul 2004
Brain-teaser game hit with funny heroic design and romantic knight?s adventures.
SIZE: 4.71 MB shareware 04 Apr 2005
  IconWilly In Space 3D
Willy In Space 3D - an amazing 3D arcade puzzle game. It is an Isometric Arcade.
SIZE: 3.57 MB shareware 27 Aug 2010
 IconAgent Undercover
Fun and easy tool to cut a holes of any shape and depth in windows on desktop.
SIZE: 1.45 MB shareware 31 May 2001
  IconJigsaws Galore Free Edition
Powerful jigsaw game. Jigsaws included, or make your own.
SIZE: 20.51 MB freeware 06 Apr 2012
Results: 1-20 of 232 results.1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | next | last