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Download and convert YouTube, Yahoo Video and many more videos with 1 click
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 IconRiver Past Video Slice
Video trimmer/splitter from 3GPP, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, WMV, MPEG, MOV to AVI/WMV
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 IconPDF Text Converter
Pdf Text converter converts pdf - text,text-pdf,extract images, pdf information
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A Powerful Image Viewer, Browser, Editor, Converter with extended capabilities!
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 IconBook Writer
Write your books, papers, stories--anything you write--faster, better, easier.
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 IconAbacre Paperless Office
Save time by using and sharing electronic documents instead of paper
SIZE: 0.77 MB shareware 10 Mar 2003
  IconAKVIS Chameleon
Chameleon is an efficient and easy to handle tool for photo collage creation.
SIZE: 11.49 MB shareware 07 Oct 2007
 IconAKVIS Sketch
Conversion of photos to pencil and watercolor drawings, B&W and color sketches.
SIZE: 17.40 MB shareware 12 Mar 2008
  IconAKVIS Coloriage
Software for quick colorizing of B&W photos and replacing colors on color photos
SIZE: 15.18 MB shareware 06 Sep 2007
 IconAKVIS Enhancer
AKVIS Enhancer is detail-revealing software for image editing. Supports HDRI.
SIZE: 15.46 MB shareware 26 Mar 2008
  IconAKVIS Retoucher
AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient software for photo restoration and retouching.
SIZE: 6.33 MB shareware 08 Jul 2007
Take over the board with your gems with this mind boggling game.
SIZE: 0.70 MB freeware 13 Aug 2006
Download and convert YouTube, Yahoo Video and many more videos with 1 click
SIZE: 7.47 MB shareware 18 Dec 2012
 IconPanaVue ImageAssembler
PanaVue ImageAssembler Digital Image Stitching System.
SIZE: 9.23 MB shareware 30 Mar 2007
  IconCodedColor PhotoStudio Pro
Very versatile photo viewer, digital image editing and archiving software
SIZE: 24.41 MB shareware 01 Oct 2010
 IconEasy Watermark Creator
Easy-to-use tool for adding visible watermarks to your pictures and photos.
SIZE: 2.17 MB shareware 13 Jun 2006
  IconAngel Writer
Angel Writer is a free text editor allowing you to create impressive documents.
SIZE: 1.69 MB freeware 01 May 2007
 IconImageForge PRO for Art, Images, Photos
Paint, create web art, retouch photos, animate, combine images, etc.
SIZE: 13.34 MB shareware 27 Mar 2006
MakeGIF creates animated GIFs from command line in batch mode.
SIZE: 0.84 MB shareware 04 Sep 2006
 IconAs Simple As Photoshop
Photoshop video-book
SIZE: 7.29 MB demo 14 Jul 2008
  IconHandyFile Find and Replace: Office Edition
Find and Replace text in a bunch of files with a single click!
SIZE: 1.55 MB shareware 03 Mar 2008
 IconFlash ScreenSaver Builder
Make screensavers with flash, images and text
SIZE: 1.40 MB shareware 26 Apr 2005
  IconDigital Desktop Stickers
Digital Desktop Stickers simulates real sticky notes on your desktop.
SIZE: 0.66 MB shareware 10 May 2005
 IconDesktop Notepad
Desktop Notepad is a tool which displays the text on your desktop wallpaper.
SIZE: 0.66 MB shareware 24 Apr 2005
  IconReplay Screencast
The Easy Way to Make Awesome Screen Capture Videos.
SIZE: 10.20 MB shareware 23 Aug 2005
Results: 21-40 of 140 results.first | previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | next | last