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Text capture library which allows getting the words under the mouse cursor.
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 IconContext Menu Extension DLL
Easiest way to add your own Windows Explorer menu with icon near your verb.
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 IconDrawing Board ActiveX Control
Advanced drawing board enables developer to create online drawing programs!
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 IconActive Audio Record Component
Activex Component, Record audio to wav, mp3, wma, ogg, vox, id3 tagging
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 IconMy Frame Panel ActiveX
My Frame is the perfect substitute control for the classic Microsoft frame.
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 IconFlexCell Grid Control
FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control.
SIZE: 2.42 MB shareware 29 Mar 2013
  IconBonbon Quest
Help Artemus and Hannah to get the candies, but beware of Halloween creatures!
SIZE: 9.32 MB shareware 07 Jun 2007
Challenge your friends in 5 delirious mini-games!
SIZE: 10.50 MB shareware 07 Jun 2007
  IconDART CD-Recorder
CD-Recorder is an easy to use affordable recording and audio improvement system.
SIZE: 4.60 MB shareware 09 Jul 2007
Affordable audio tools with 6 restoration tools including DeClick and DeNoise.
SIZE: 6.15 MB shareware 01 Mar 2005
MSN Messenger Style Popup Alert ActiveX Control for VB
SIZE: 1.26 MB demo 11 Jan 2004
 IconActiveGanttVC Scheduler Component
Gantt Chart ActiveX Control for C++ (MFC) programmers
SIZE: 10.63 MB demo 23 Nov 2010
Programmable ActiveX calculator control
SIZE: 0.91 MB shareware 01 Sep 2002
 IconDownloadX Activex Download Control
Download files faster and safer with your Web and Windows applications.
SIZE: 15.14 MB freeware 14 Oct 2012
  IconAAA Easy Grid Control ActiveX
editable grid control activex with print preview, spreadsheet, chart, excel
SIZE: 0.96 MB shareware 15 May 2001
TwainControlX is an OCX that reads images from TWAIN scanners and cameras.
SIZE: 0.88 MB shareware 12 Mar 2013
Simple tool to register ActiveX dll & ocx files with a Windows interface.
SIZE: 0.21 MB freeware 29 Jul 2002
ASP image resize component. Edit jpg, gif, tiff and others. Metadata support.
SIZE: 1.10 MB commercial (120$) 02 Jul 2012
  IconActiveSWF Professional
ActiveSWF Professional - Flash SDK for C#, Visual Basic and Visual C++.
SIZE: 5.46 MB shareware 05 Aug 2009 Free Image Converter
Free image converter for JPG, TIF, PDF
SIZE: 1.73 MB freeware 21 Apr 2010
  IconActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Gantt Chart ActiveX Control for Visual Basic 6 programmers
SIZE: 4.63 MB demo 20 Nov 2005
VideoOCX - Easy integration of live video capture into your applications.
SIZE: 1.55 MB shareware 07 Nov 2003
  IconJPack SDK
Programmatically creates and modifies packages in the 'JPack' file format.
SIZE: 0.38 MB freeware 08 Feb 2003
 IconAudio Control
Audio Control is an audio mixer, replacement for the standard Volume Control.
SIZE: 1.75 MB freeware 07 Aug 2009
Url2Img is an easy to use ActiveX component to make screenshots of web pages.
SIZE: 0.11 MB shareware 10 Jan 2005
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