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Cam Wizard 10.15

Windows CCTV for network IP cameras and USB webcams.
Publisher: LEDSET Software
Category: n/a
Version: 10.15
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 7.59 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Cam Wizard for Windows is compatible with all networked IP cameras and USB webcams, the application helps you find your networked IP camera on your LAN.

When Cam Wizard is running it constantly monitors your PC camera looking for any motion in user defined areas within the scene. When motion is detected, video capture begins.

Captured video can then be archived to your hard disk with space management. So you can allocate say 10GB, then older movies get deleted to maintain the disk usage.

You also have the ability to send captured movies to any email address, we recommend using a Gmail account for this purpose. We are especially proud of this feature as it is guaranteed to work out of the box thanks to new code including SMTP authentication and SSL encryption.

Cam Wizard movies contain a millisecond accurate time stamp and so are perfectly suitable for courtroom evidence purposes.

Why go to the bother and expense of purchasing a CCTV video surveillance system with motion detection when Cam Wizard can do it all for you! Never before has it been this easy to setup a high tech home security system. With Cam Wizard it's possible to set up a multiple camera video surveillance system in a matter of seconds, Cam Wizard spools captured footage straight to your hard drive or network drive. One hours worth of footage takes only ~12MB, so a 100gig hard drive has enough room for over a year of footage!

With it's audio alarm function Cam Wizard can alert you of detected motion with a siren like a car alarm or it can play any audio file (.mp3 or .wav), great for a shop counter monitor to alert staff of customers entering the premises.

Cam Wizard is also a flexible cam broadcasting tool featuring a robust FTP upload engine, so it can push live cam JPEGs onto a web server using standard FTP protocol.

Enough of the sales talk! We think you should check out this great application for yourself, download the fully featured trial version today.

Version: 10.15(16 Sep 2011)
Support for networked IP cameras. Can now use any video encoder on your PC for recording.
Version: 10.14(12 Aug 2011)
Support for networked IP cameras. Can now use any video encoder on your PC for recording.
Version: 10.12(25 Jun 2011)
Support for networked IP cameras.
Version: 10.08(03 Jun 2011)
Support for networked IP cameras.
Version: 10.06(01 Jun 2011)
Support for networked IP cameras.
Version: 10.01(05 May 2011)
Version: 9.08(30 Oct 2010)
Added passive FTP mode
Version: 9.03(24 Oct 2010) -
FTP and Email now works with all webmail accounts.
Autostart feature works for all four cams.
Version: 8.00(05 Jan 2008)
Version: 7.14(17 Dec 2006)
Version: 7.12

download ( - 7.59 MB)