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Calendar Plan Generator - FULL Edition 3.00

Generate project style calendar plans, from a task list and associated details.
Publisher: OfficeHelp
Category: Business
Version: 3.00
License: demo
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 0.31 MB
Updated: 07 Aug 2008
Fancy that Project Style calendars but don't have a project management software?
If you have Excel, you can now generate Project style calendar plans, just by entering the tasks and associated data like it's name and the starting and end date. Use different colors and select a deadline terminator for each task. Indent each task to its level or sub-level.

Really easy to use, just fill in the values in the Input Cells and press the "Run" button to .

The system will generate a new workbook with the resulting Calendar. This new workbook HAS NO MACROS on it, just the resulting calendar. Change, save and email it as any other regular Excel file.

TWO types of calendar plan from the SAME task list!

Generate daily, weekly or both calendar plans from the same task list and parameters:

Daily Calendar Plans are calendar plans with a column for each separated day in the calendar main interval. This gives maximum detail but produces long calendars for large periods. Better for smaller periods, when details are important;

Weekly Calendar Plans are calendar plans with a column for each separated week in the calendar main interval. This gives less detail but produces compact calendars for larger periods. Better for larger periods, when the "big picture" is important.

Is Help available?

Yes. There are two sheets on the Excel Workbook . The first one is the Input sheet, the second is the Help one. There is also an Online Help Page for this product (see bottom of page for all related links).

Can the Calendar be customized?

Yes, before and after generation. The month names, supplied in English, can be changed to match any other language. The task bars on the calendar can have selected colors and optional deadline terminator.

After generation, the file can be manually changed as any other regular Excel file. There are no special features to the Calendar file, it is a regular Excel file with painted cells.

Can I save the Plan Generator with the Plan Data? Can I have several copies?

It's a regular Excel file. There are NO MACROS on the resulting plan, only on the generator file. It can be freely copied and manipulated.

Spending full days manually making calendars? Spending hundreds on specialized software you don't know how to use? This easy to use Excel macro will generate pretty calendar plans in minutes. No need to learn new software skills.

download (CalendarPlanDemo3.xls - 0.31 MB)