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Bytescout PDF SDK 1.16.88

.NET library to create create modify sign linearize fast web-view optimize PDF
Publisher: ByteScout
Category: Development Tools
Version: 1.16.88
License: shareware
Cost: 295$
Size: 12.35 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Bytescout PDF SDK is a .NET library capable to create/modify existing/sign/fill/linearize/optimize PDF documents from .NET programming languages Visual Basic.NET, C#, ASP.NET

Key features:

* Full set of methods and properties (Bytescout.PDF namespace) to create documents (completely new documents or using existing PDF documents) with ability to draw on the page of existing PDF document;
* Font embedding (Type1, TrueType) including Unicode support;
* PNG, JPEG, TIFF, JBIG2, CCITT Fax images and image compression modes support;
* Linearization support (PDF documents web optimization - documents are loaded faster);
* PDF optimization support (internal structure of the document is optimized to reduce file size);
* Security options (document permissions) and 40 bit, 128 bit and 128 AES encryption support;
* Digital signature support including signing of existing documents and visible signatures;
* Threads and beads support;
* Built-in EMF to PDF conversion engine including support for EMF images produced by virtual EMF printers;
* 40 bits, 128 bits, 128 bits AES security options, password protection options (demo);
* Capable of removing protection, appending pages to the existing documents, changing security settings, drawing on existing PDF documents and much more
* Ability to handle produced PDF document in memory without need for temporary files and provide on-the-fly generation directly into memory stream(requires additional Web License);
* Ability to split, merge, extract pages from PDF document and append to an another document using pages manager class;
* Embed attachments (from file, stream, buffer) into PDF documents;

Version: 1.16.88(25 Sep 2010)
create PDF from .NET better, minor bug-fixes, visual signature improved support
Version: 1.16(26 Oct 2009)
x64 version is included now
.Dispose() method for objects
improved EMF to PDF functionality
minor bug-fixes
Version: 1.15(25 Aug 2008) -
+ new property to set/get PDF format version (for example: document.Version = Bytescout.PDF.Version.v13; )
* minor bug-fixes
Version: 1.14(25 Feb 2008) -
+ new function: Page.AddVisibleSignature to add visible signature box to the document.
+ 4 new examples (see \Examples\Advanced Examples\)
"Add Visible Digital Signature to PDF", "Set link in text to open external PDF",
"Create outline opening external PDF","Using Compression,Linearization"
Version: 1.01 -

download ( - 12.35 MB)