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Best PHP Obfuscator 1.99

Simply the best php and html code anti-theft protector you can find
Publisher: Pipsomania Co
Category: n/a
Version: 1.99
License: shareware
Cost: 18$
Size: 2.40 MB
Updated: 02 Oct 2013
It is simply the best php and html obfuscator you can find on the internet, there are many others that offer obfuscation, some are buggy, others easy to decode, but the most common problem is incompatibility. They brake the functionality of the project that you want to obfuscate.

Also there are many encoders around, some free, others commercial, some commercial encoders are realy good, but rather expensive. Free ones are very easy to decode, and then your original code is easy retrievable for everyone who just dig for a few minutes.

Best PHP Obfuscator is obfuscator! It does not encode the source code, it does obfuscate it. That means your code is still valid PHP code, not encoded string, but is scrambled so much that a human cannot realy UNDERSTAND it, but ordinary PHP engine can execute it. There are random algorithms built in Best PHP Obfuscator's obfuscation logic, that changes the pattern of obfuscation 'on the fly', and makes it completely obscured for every one who dare to try to understand or de-obfuscate it.

- Ability to obfuscate php code locally, using the same algorithm as the online obfuscator located here
- Fire & Wait - fully automated obfuscation process, which is 100% compatible with every php server
- You receive automatic free updates and bugfixes
- Obfuscate unlimited size projects
- Set your own copyright header string in obfuscated .php(s)
- Exclude files or directories from obfuscation
- Easy to operate intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface
- Monitor for problems during obfuscation by displaying a verbose process log
- You are able to suggest improvements which are then very likely to be implemented
- There are lots of improvements on the obfuscation logic which will be implemented from now on. You will be getting them instantly with no additional cost, for the period of your license.

Version: 1.99(21 Nov 2012)
Fixed multiple problems related to wrong parsing of special "{}" braceless nested if/while/for... statements, also fixed problem with calling global define function or class instantiation BEFORE it's definition in a given .php Unfortunately this bug was introduced in v 1.97
Version: 1.96(21 Nov 2012)
Fixed bug, when there is an alternative endif/endfor... etc, when not ending with ;, but instead ending with ?>
Version: 1.1

download (setup-bpogui-i386.exe - 2.40 MB)