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Conveniently organize every bit of information about your babies.

Baby Diary 2.5.563

Conveniently organize every bit of information about your babies.
Publisher: Aktisoft
Category: Kids
Version: 2.5.563
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 4.11 MB
Updated: 21 Oct 2012
Organize every bit of information about your babies in a single place. Photograph your baby's first steps, document growth and automatically create weight and length charts, track dental and vaccination schedules in a convenient way. Create Web photo albums or full featured blog sites of your babies without needing to learn the mechanics. No technical expertise or complex tools required! All you need is a loved child and a little bit of patience.

Baby Diary is a modern-day replacement for the diaries of the past. Some ten years ago, parents had to use pen and paper to write down their baby's weight and length, mark dots and draw charts by hand. Today, all you need to make a precise chart are your baby's measurements and a PC. Just punch in the numbers and Baby Diary will do the rest!

Remember the days when you had to cut and glue your baby's pictures into a diary? Scissors are no longer necessary! Take pictures, plug your camera into the PC and drag and drop the pictures into Baby Diary. The program is smart enough to take care of all the technical details such as different camera brands and picture formats. Baby Diary will show you what camera you used to shoot your baby and when - no need to manually set the date!
Did you ever imagine using video clips in a paper diary? Today that's totally possible! Use your video camera to shoot a movie, connect your camera to the computer, and use drag and drop to add a video to your diary. It's that simple, and Baby Diary will take care of selecting the proper video settings for you!
Have you ever wanted a Web site showing your baby's best performance, but technical complexity stopped you? Baby Diary is perfect for you, allowing you to create a full featured Web site complete with photographs, videos, and text commentary, all without needing to become a computer engineer!
Do you enjoy having a real paper album? No problem, Baby Diary can print a great looking photo album of your baby's important achievements.

Version: 2.5.563(03 May 2009)
Maintenance: small bugfixes
Version: 2.5.562(03 May 2009)
Arabic and Greek localization fixes
Restore from system tray fix
Version: 2.5.561(24 Apr 2009)
Stability fixes
Windows 7 compatibility fixes
Updated Indonesian translation
Version: 2.5.560(24 Apr 2009)
Fixed a minor navigaion issue in the note editor.
Fixed several minor issues in the Leaves webbook template.
Improved the "Send Error Report" dialog.
Updated Chinese and Portugues Brazil translations.
Added Greek, Africaans, Arabic translations.
Version: 2.5.550(27 May 2008)
Introduced units of volume parameter (millilitre)
Added Hebrew translation. Thanks to Tzachi Zilberman.
Added Ukrainian translation. Thanks to Anna Danilova.
Applied Slovak translation corrections by Milena Konopkova.
Version: 2.5.530(25 Feb 2008)
Google Gadgets integration: age ticker can be placed to iGoogle page.
Minor user interface improvements.
Help update: topic about placing diary online.
Simplified Chinese translation.
Portuguese Portugal translation.
Slovene translation.
Updated Dutch translation.
Greek localizations fixes.
Version: 2.5.450(03 Jul 2007)
Latest changes:
Included slideshow mode that can show photos and even videos.
Added Norwegian translation - many thanks to Harman Singh.
Small optimizations in area of application loading speed.
Version: 2.5.400(12 May 2007)
Latest changes:
Drag and drop multiple picture and video files from explorer support.
Extracting dates from pictures - no need to manually set the date!
Camera and picture info option in Note Editor (EXIF).
One entry can be linked to several categories.
Version: 2.0.390(06 Apr 2007)
Latest changes:
Fixed DLL conflict caused by Microsoft windows update 925902 MS07-017
Added "Don't post" option to selective post categories to Web
Added support for Macromedia Flash swf and flv files
Audio files can also be included into web diary
Updated emoticons icons
Version: 2.0.375(25 Jan 2007)
Vaccination and Dental charts
Pictures, animated emoticons in the notes
Birthday tickers
Blog-style calendar
New templates

Build 375 adds:
Turkish translation - many thanks to Ali Koc
Fixed hyperlinks generation in web books
Fixed smiles processing in notes
Performance optimizations
Version: 2.0.372(04 Oct 2006)
Version 2.0 adds:

Vaccination and Dental charts.
Percentiles support.
Pictures, and animated emoticons in the notes.
Copy & paste notes directly from web pages.
Expecting a baby and birthday tickers.
Blog-style calendar.
New web book templates.
Version: 2.0.360

download (BabyDiary.exe - 4.11 MB)