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Axigen Business Messaging for Linux 8.0

Axigen - Business Mail Server, Calendaring & Collaboration with 24x7 support
Category: E-mail
Version: 8.0
License: shareware
Cost: 335$
Size: 107.00 MB
Updated: 14 Apr 2013
Axigen is the perfect answer for businesses of all sizes. It is an integrated email, calendaring & collaboration platform, built using a unique mail server technology, for increased speed & security.

Axigen is available for many Linux distros, FreeBSD platforms and Solaris, and it is backed up by great 24x7 technical support.

Business communication made easy:
-Skinnable & multilanguage Standard WebMail Interface (RPOP, temporary email addresses)
-Desktop-like Ajax WebMail Interface (with calendar, tasks & notes, keyboard navigation & shortcuts, drag-and-drop, support for localization)
-Mobile WebMail Interface
-Fast Outlook Connector (includes offline work, advanced search, support for localization)

Optimized tasks & time management:
-Calendaring via Personal Organizer (includes Calendar/Tasks/Notes/Journal, iCal/Webcal access)
-Collaboration via Groupware (includes shared folders & permissions)

Advanced security to protect your business:
-Multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam support
-Multi-layer access control (firewall-like rules)
-Authentication & Encryption
-SPF & DomainKeys compliance
-Anti-impersonation & Password Enforcement policies
-Identity Confirmation system
-Extra security add-ons (Kaspersky AV/AS, Commtouch & AVG)

Powerful technology at your service:
-Fast & secure email transfer, processing & delivery (via Axigen SmartProcessingTM & Axigen GrowSecureTM)
-Effective space management (via Axigen UltraStorageTM)

Effortless configuration & administration:
-Web Administration console
-Automated operations via CLI & directory sync
-Performance reports & statistics
-Backup & restore
-Archiving & compliance
-Automatic migration tools

Moreover, benefit from friendly licensing terms & free email (basic) users for packages under 100 premium users.
For more info, please visit:

Version: 8.0(31 Mar 2011)
A mature & solid version of Axigen, the 8.0 release comes with a full-featured Axigen Ajax WebMail, enhanced Outlook connectivity & streamlined administration.
Version: 7.6.1(18 Jan 2011)
This release delivers enhanced usability & manageability by introducing changes related to: Instant Messaging, the localization process, the WebMail Interface & the built-in Kaspersky protection of Axigen.
Version: 7.6(11 Nov 2010)
This major version makes it possible for system administrators to be more time-efficient, and thus, also for managers to cut administrative costs, via newly-introduced CLI features. An IM service from the Axigen Ajax WebMail is also available along with Axigen 7.6.
Version: 7.5.1(06 Oct 2010)
Version 7.5.1 comes to further enhance your experience with the Axigen messaging solution by introducing changes related to the built-in DK/DKIM support, WebMail improvements & a series of bug fixes from previous versions.
Version: 7.5(01 Sep 2010)
Axigen 7.5 raises the bar for email security & performance by bringing embedded Kaspersky AntiVirus & AntiSpam protection, native connectivity with MS Outlook 2010, support for 64-bit Linux & Windows systems, message filtering on RPOP, built-in DK/DKIM, and many other new features & enhancements.
Version: 7.4.1(08 Jul 2010)
This fresh release comes with great new usability enhancements for the Ajax WebMail interface (drag-and-drop attachments, translations in French, German, Italian & Polish), while also adding a series of corrections & bug fixes for the Axigen server, ActiveSync & Outlook connectors.
Version: 7.3.3(22 Mar 2010)
This fresh release solves a number of contacts and calendar upgrade issues, while also adding changes pertaining to LDAP synchronization.
Version: 7.3.2(09 Mar 2010)
BlackBerry® synchronization via the AstraSync? client; a series of bug-fixes for both the AXIGEN server (e.g. email search, IMAP, CLI, WebMail) and the AXIGEN Outlook Connector.
Version: 7.3.1(13 Jan 2010)
This fresh release mainly corrects a series of issues from the previous AXIGEN versions, for the most part related to the Ajax WebMail interface, while also adding minor changes pertaining to the Command Line Interface, filters, IMAP, and more.
Version: 7.3.0(03 Dec 2009)
Identity Confirmation, export/import Contacts in WebMail, password expiry policies (notification mechanism and password history capability), enhanced backup & restore (access to backup elements hierarchy through a virtual file system), customizable welcome message, and more.
Version: 7.2.1(19 Oct 2009)
Mailing list accounts within the Ajax Webmail interface, set the default Webmail interface(s) option, enable/disable keyboard shortcuts, other new features and enhancements.
Version: 7.2.0(24 Sep 2009)
New Desktop-like WebMail interface based on Ajax (keyboard navigation, shortcuts, drag and drop, dynamic loading); a wide range of enhancements pertaining to storage, upgrading, filters, domain management and much more.
Version: 7.1.4(08 Jul 2009)
Minor changes related to the Outlook & ActiveSync® connectors, the SMTP, WebMail and FTP Back-up services.
Version: 7.1.3(15 Jun 2009)
Improved ActiveSync® support and trial procedure for mobile devices; other usability enhancements and bugfixes for increased server functionality.
Version: 7.1.2(26 May 2009)
BlackBerry® Support add-on (Push Email and PIM Synchronization) via the NotifySync? client; Arabic Localization for the WebMail Interface; improved Outlook Connector and other usability enhancements.
Version: 7.1(15 Apr 2009)
The support for iCal enables users to access their calendars and tasks on email and calendaring clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning or Apple iCal; various enhancements pertaining to WebMail and much more!
Version: 7.0(23 Mar 2009)
Processing: new 'filteringThreads' configurable parameter to control the number of threads handling the message filtering; Push Email & PIM Synchronization add-on (via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® support for mobile devices) and much more!
Version: 6.2.2(21 Jan 2009)
CLI: The 'SynchronizeDomainContacts' command reinitializes the contacts kept in 'Public Folder\Domain Contacts', while 'FindInvalidMsg' scans the storage for corrupted messages and optionally removes them. SIEVE: 'bodysearchwords' tests if offensive words are present in the message. And much more!
Version: 6.2(08 Oct 2008)
Commtouch Real Time Antispam Protection, New Reporting Service Features, Subdomain Management, Read Receipts in WebMail, Originator/Recipient Restrictions per Account Classes, Per Virtual Host WebMail Template Set, Configurable Greetings for POP3/IMAP, WebMail Print Option and much more.
Version: 6.1.0(20 May 2008)
Mobile WebMail Interface; GeoIP Filtering; more configuration scenarios for routing settings; Improved interoperability with some antivirus products; -r switch added for compatibility with nail; Commas allowed when setting the administrator password; Html code removed form address book
Version: 6.0.1(02 Apr 2008)
Supported languages are now synchronized between WebMail and WebAdmin.In WebMail two new search criteria are available:"Attachment Name" and "Anywhere" and improvements have been made to the calendar management engine.Loading a domain with many temporary email addresses is significantly faster.
Version: 5.0(18 Oct 2007) -
-New WebAdmin Interface;-Account Classes;-2 more AV/AS applications directly integrated: AVAST, AVG;-Random Password Generator;-Storage Charts;-DNSBL queries for blacklisted IPs;-Domain catch-all account;-WebMail now available in 21 languages.
Version: 4.0.0(11 Jun 2007) - 4.x.x
Personal Organizer: Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes in WebMail and Outlook.
Axigen Outlook Connector v.1 released- implements Exchange-like features, including server-side Search Folders (e.g.Unread messages)
WebMail available in 13 languages: EN, RO, NO, ES, NL, IT, DE, CN, RU, PT, DK, SE, CZ, PL
Version: 3.0.1(24 Apr 2007)
WebMail: interface available in 3 more languages: Czech, Polish and Russian; increased maximum size of HSP files;the autocomplete contacts list displays the first and last names of the contact
POP3: Added new UID calculation to ensure per server uniqueness
Beta: Version for PowerPC Architecture
Version: 3.0.0(26 Mar 2007) - 3.0.x
LDAP authentication;Kerberos Authentication:Authentication to MS Active Directory; Public Addressbook; Secure Password Enforcement; RPOP (Remote POP Connections);FTP Backup Service(Passive Mode);SMTP Filtering Wizard;WebMail Notifications; WebMail Interface in 10 languages;
Version: 2.0.5(27 Feb 2007)
-AXIGEN waits for all domains to be loaded before starting its services
-The value of a message header field can contain a wider range of characters, with codes higher than 128 ASCII
-sendmail binary of AXIGEN replaces single LFs into CRLF pairs
-Migrated folder names can contain square brackets
Version: 2.0.4(11 Jan 2007) - 2.0.0
-WebMail interface now available in 2 more languages:Norwegian and Dutch
-Incorrect internal computing of mailbox quotas fixed. Maximum quota, 4 TB.
-Fixed incorrect access of emails sent to recipients from different local domains
-Fixed delivery failures of mails sent from forwarder accounts
Version: 1.2.5 - 1.2.0

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