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Awave Audio 11.1

Audio File Format Batch Converter
Publisher: FMJ-Software
Category: Audio and MP3
Version: 11.1
License: shareware
Cost: 25$
Size: 1.00 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Audio File Format Batch Converter:

- Supports a very wide range of audio file formats (reads from ~90 and writes to ~60 formats).
- A simple 3-step interface for quick and easy conversions - handle a thousand files as easily as one!
- File size is limited only by disk space and the design limits of the file formats.
- Converts anything from low-rate speech up to 24/96 multi-channel audio and beyond.
- Several optional 'dithering techniques' are availablev that improves the perceived sound quality when decreasing the sample bit-depth.
- Extremely high quality sample rate conversion (resampling) with up to 144dB S/N-ratio.
- Optional audio processing using VST or DX plug-ins as well as several built in functions.
- Normalization support including Replay Gain, ITU BS 1770 and EBU R 128 algorithms for psycho-acoustically adjusted volume.
- Direct Stream Copy support for several types of raw audio data - providing both a speed advantage, and allowing addition of meta data (including volume normalization) withouth having to recompress already compressed audio
- Handles many types of text meta-data (a.k.a. text tags, APE-tags, ID3v2 et c.) - with full Unicode support.
- And much more!
- Bonus features: You can also use record new audio clips, or rip tracks from Audio CD's.

Version: 11.1(22 Mar 2013) -
New in v11.1: VST audio effects plug-in support, and more!
Version: 11.0(11 Apr 2011) -
New in v11.0: Direct Stream Copy of select compressed formats, function to auto-select the best output data format, support for EBU R 128 loudness measure.
Version: 10.5(10 Nov 2010) -
New in v10.5: Much improved resampling speed, and faster handling of uncompressed data formats.
Version: 10.4(07 May 2010) -
New in v10.4: Matroska and AVI2 support, WASAPI playback support, 'Play selected' option, and more.
Version: 10.3(05 Nov 2009) -
New in v10.3: Improved dithering and audio normalization functions, Unicode support, Musepack and Shorten file format support.
Version: 10.2(24 Jun 2008) -
New in v10.2: Support for the Apple CoreAudio file format, and more.
Version: 10.1(25 Jan 2008) -
New in v10.1: Support for WavPack, EBU RF64, Apple lossless, wildcard pattern renaming, and more!
Version: 10.0(01 Jan 2007) -
New in v10.0: New or improved support for important file formats (.MOV, .AVI, .M4A, .MP4, .3GP, .3G2 et c), support for writing ID3v2 format meta data, improved help file, and much more!
Version: 9.3 -

download ( - 1.00 MB)