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Avira AntiVir Professional

Virus protection for Windows PCs ? secure and efficient
Publisher: Avira GmbH
Category: Antivirus
License: shareware
Cost: 36.35$
Size: 44.29 MB
Updated: 30 Sep 2010
Avira AntiVir Professional will reliably protect your Windows computers from virus and hacker attacks while using as few resources as possible.

Optimum protection against viruses and other undesirable elements
- Rootkit protection to detect and remove hidden malware installed in computer systems
- AHeAD technology to detect and repulse unknown or fast-changing attackers
- Real-time monitoring of all access to files by an on-access scanner (incl. archive scanning) and an on-demand scanner for manual/scheduled searches
- AntiVir ProActiv detects attacks from the system?s behavior patterns and repells them immediately
- Integrated WebGuard to check HTTP-based Internet data traffic for viruses and malware. With automatic blocking of phishing, spam, fraudulent and malware URLs
- Integrated MailGuard (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) to check incoming and outgoing emails and attachments
- Free selection of ports to be monitored. With AntiBot function for defining permitted senders
- Archive detection with adjustable recursion depth
- Generic Repair repairs damage caused by new malware
- Quarantine Management to isolate infected and suspicious files safely
- Extremely small, bandwidth-saving updates of programs and/or virus patterns database
- Desktop FireWall checks and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic and can be managed by means of the Avira Security Management Center (SMC)

Efficient configuration and management
- Integrated scheduler for automating routine tasks
- Comprehensive notification and reporting functions
- Network-wide administration with the Avira Security Management Center (SMC)
- New interface with vertical menu system for easy access to all modules. Actions such as updates and test runs can be started directly from the control center

Limitations: The Installation Kit comes fully featured but the update service is disabled. To enable the update service you may purchase the appropriate commercial license from

Version: Apr 2010)
Version: Dec 2009)
Version: Aug 2009)
Version: Apr 2009) - avira_antivir_professional_en.exe
Version: Nov 2008)
Version: Oct 2008)
Version: Aug 2008)
Version: Jul 2008)
New Fast Activation Tool (FACT). FACT enables the licensing of product on-line during installation.
Version: Apr 2008) - antivir_workstation_winu_en.exe
NEW: Version 8 offers: integrated WebGuard, an enhanced interface, a modularized AV-search engine for improved scan performance, AntiBot and AntiDrive-by and a new module: Rescue Systems.
Version: Dec 2007)
Version: May 2007)
New: Phishing and Rootkit protection and Windows Vista support.
Version: Dec 2006)

download (avira_antivir_professional_en.exe - 44.29 MB)