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AutotweeterPro 2.5

AutoTweeter can be used for your marketing needs in twitter.
Publisher: netsquid software solutions
Category: Internet
Version: 2.5
License: shareware
Cost: 15$
Size: 3.75 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
1. Schedule tweets with random time intervals.

Autotweeter gives you the option to schedule tweets in random time interval to make auto tweeting more human like,autotweeter has the ability to select a random time interval between each tweets so that your followers on twitter will think that you are the person who is sending out the tweets , while you are really sleeping or gone fishing.

2. No recurring monthly fees for the service.

Unlike many other tweet scheduler and tweet later services , AutoTweeter has no recurring monthly charges , just a one time purchase charge and AutoTweeter and future upgrades are free forever.

3. Send unlimited tweets using the repeat tweets option.

Do you want to run AutoTweeter in 24x7 all the year round ? , Simply tick the Repeat Tweets option and AutoTweeter can run without stopping unless you shutdown your computer.

4. Load up tweet from Microsoft Excel file.

We have chose microsoft excel file to input the tweets to autotweeter , because it is easier for customers like you to enter and save the tweets in an excel file.

5. Brand your tweets with your company name.

When you register the app with twitter to get the consumer keys , providing your website address can brand your company.The "tweeted via" will have the link of your website address in twitter timeline , another way to be more professional in tweeting.

6. Remembers the last tweeted line for startover.

If you want to stop autotweeting , press the Stop button. Again when you click the Start Autotweeting button , it will resume from the previously stopped tweets , which is really wonderful when you have to interrupt AutoTweeting for some reason.

7. No installation required,runs out of the box.

Autotweeter is simple enough to run without any complex installation process. Simply unzip the downloaded file and you are ready to start AutoTweeting.If you want to uninstall AutoTweeter , simply delete the entire problem. Its simple as that.

download ( - 3.75 MB)