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AttributeMagic Pro 3.5.4

Rename files, change date-time, attributes, JPEG-EXIF, MSOffice metadata
Publisher: Elwinsoft
Category: System Utilities
Version: 3.5.4
License: shareware
Cost: 25$
Size: 5.31 MB
Updated: 14 Apr 2013
Advanced utility to change date/time stamps, attributes of files-folders, JPEG-EXIF images, MS Office (DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) document properties and metadata. Utility can set and reset attributes, copy and flexible manipulate date-time stamps, insert date-time information into file name, rename files, change files extensions, print folder contents. Ideal tool to annotate your images or documents. You can use custom filters, templates, batch process files, search files, mask and shift date-time, print folder contents. Preview result and command line mode.

Version: 3.5.4(26 May 2012)
minor bugs fixed; fixed copying properties from nested files / folders
Version: 3.5.3(25 Mar 2012)
Version: 3.5.2(19 Mar 2012)
minor bugs fixed; adding necessary tags to an XML office files
Version: 3.4(24 Dec 2011)
Version: 3.3(17 Jul 2011)
Version: 3.2.6(01 Apr 2011)
Version: 3.2.4(15 Mar 2011)
minor interface improvements; minor bugs fixed
Version: 3.2.3(24 Feb 2011)
minor improvements; bugs fixed; fixed drag-n-drop operation
Version: 3.2.1(14 Feb 2011)
bugs fixed in the template editor; files drag-n-drop improved
Version: 3.2(02 Feb 2011)
interface improved; bugs fixed; help file updated
Version: 3.1 b2(12 Dec 2010)
fixed changing case and replacing of substring; fixed hang when saving filters
Version: 3.0b14(08 Jul 2010)
CopyFrom action improved; fixed issues with file time on FAT and CDFS file systems; new options and minor changes
Version: 3.0b13(28 May 2010)
minor interface improvements; fixed date-time issues in file list sorting
Version: 3.0b11(22 Apr 2010)
minor bugfixes in EXIF processor, fixed modification of EXIF tags: Title Comment Author Keywords Subject
Version: 3.0b9(02 Apr 2010)
added document file related properties to template editor, fixed majour bugs
Version: 3.0b6(05 Mar 2010)
added sequential date-time modification, natural sorting, bugs fixed
Version: 3.0b5(17 Feb 2010)
fixed error in modifying pdf file date/time, minor changes in filters window
Version: 3.0b4(26 Jan 2010)
offline attribute added, fixed bugs with file date and EXIF
Version: 3.0b2(20 Jan 2010)
Version: 2.3(12 Oct 2005)
Clear MRU option added
Version: 2.3 beta4

download ( - 5.31 MB)