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Atomic Mail Sender 8.19

Save your time and money! Send messages to thousands of recipients real fast!
Publisher: AtomPark Software Inc
Category: Utilities
Version: 8.19
License: shareware
Cost: 79.85$
Size: 23.59 MB
Updated: 14 Apr 2013
Internet marketing relies heavily on fast delivery of large numbers of messages to customers. Times when we were sending out several e-mails using our traditional e-mail client software are left well behind. Today, modern businesses require immediate delivery of messages to hundreds of thousands and even millions of recipients. Whether it is a corporate broadcasting service or a business-to-customer communication we constantly search for appropriate solution.
Search no more! Presenting Atomic Mail Sender by AtomPark Software, a feature-rich mass mailing and corporate broadcast software!
Atomic Mail Sender is capable of sending of unlimited number of e-mail messages to unlimited number of recipients within very short period of time. The amazing speed is achieved by utilizing every existing bit of your Internet connection via multiple threads delivery technology. Messages are delivered using the built-in SMTP server that connects directly to recipients' mail service providing the shortest possible way for sending your message!
The application allows plain-text and HTML messages editing and sending. Messages can be imported from and exported to text or HTML files. The built-in message editor provides one of the most convenient interfaces in the programs of this type.
Atomic Mail Sender is highly configurable allowing you to specify DNS settings, custom HELOs and even the mailer signature (a list of predefined mailer signatures is available). Besides that, custom message headers can be specified!
Another great feature of Atomic Mail Sender is its ability to read recipients e-mail addresses from various file formats and specifications. There hardly ever an e-mail addresses list that cannot be imported to Atomic Mail Sender.
Taking into account the incredible value of this software and amazing return rate on investment Atomic Mail Sender is a must have for everyone who is serious about multiple messages to multiple recipients broadcasting!

Version: 8.19(24 Jul 2012)
[+] Advanced text spinner added
[+] Polish language added
Version: 8.10(03 Apr 2012)
[+] New options for cleaning your mailing list of bounces and unsubscribed recipients.
[+] Social Media scripts added
[+] Google Analytics and Atomic Email Tracker features added
Version: 7.20(21 Jun 2011)
[+] Default text for new e-mail message has been added
[+] Internet Explorer 9 compatibility for message editor has been added
[*] "Doesn't support AUTH or the specified SASL handlers" bug has been fixed
[*] E-mail message sending bug has been fixed
Version: 7.12(26 May 2011) - ams.exe
[+] Mass SMTP-servers selection function was added
[+] Import SMTP-servers option was extended
[+] Music playing, when mailing is finished (in Windows 7)
[+] Links in the body of the mailing work good when tracker is turned on
[+] Minor bugs and errors fixed
Version: 7.01(26 Aug 2010)
Version: 7.00(02 Jul 2010)
Version: 5.15(26 Jan 2010)
Version: 5.08(29 Jun 2009)
Version: 5.07(01 Jun 2009)
Version: 5.05(24 Mar 2009)
Version: 5.00(03 Feb 2009)
Version: 4.27(14 Jul 2008)
Version: 4.25(22 May 2008)
Version: 4.11(07 Aug 2007)
Version: 4.10(28 May 2007)
Version: 4.01(12 Mar 2007)
Version: 4.00(10 Jan 2007) - AtomicMailSender.exe
Version: 3.00 - ams.exe

download (ams.exe - 23.59 MB)