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Atomic Asterisk Cracker 1.10

Asterisk Cracker is designed for the hidden with asterisks fields scanning.
Publisher: AtomPark Software
Category: System Utilities
Version: 1.10
License: shareware
Cost: 19.85$
Size: 0.48 MB
Updated: 29 Jun 2008
If you use automatic password saving program at Win for a long time you probably face the problem of the passwords memorizing. In that case all passwords are hidden with asterisks. Atomic Asterisk Cracker will help you to solve the problem. The program is designed for the hidden with asterisks fields scanning. For example, when you deal with password entry field at IE while getting active access to the mailbox through browser. It may also be any entry field that has asterisks, at any program.
In order to see the password hidden with asterisks you have to:

1. Run the program.
2. Press right mouse button at the program field and holding it direct the cursor to the field with asterisk hidden password. Mind, you have to press right button out of ?Password? field of the program.
3. Release right mouse button.

As a result all password symbols will appear at the program ?Password? field.
If you need to crack the passwords from IE page that has several fields for password entry, after the program run you?ll get all passwords at the program ?password? field listed according to their placement at IE page.
Now you could select and copy the given password to the clipboard.

download (asterisk.exe - 0.48 MB)