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Aqua 3D Screensaver 1.51.7

3D Aquarium Screensaver
Publisher: Digital Minds Software
Category: System Utilities
Version: 1.51.7
License: shareware
Cost: 5.99$
Size: 0.84 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Just fill your desktop with water and let the tropical fish swim around. The photo-realistic 3D graphics and stereo sounds will impress you. Turn your desktop into a spectacular ocean aquarium full of tropical fish swimming around your icons. Schools of photo-realistic tropical fish, stereo sounds of rippling water, animated bubbles & even sunlight streaming down the murky waters of your screen. One of the most know aquarium screensavers.

Version: 1.51.7(07 Dec 2015)
Version: 1.51.4(26 Apr 2011)
Version: 1.51.5(30 Oct 2012)
Version: 1.51.4(26 Apr 2011)
Version: 1.51.3(16 Apr 2010)
Version: 1.51.2(24 May 2009)
Version: 1.51.1(21 Aug 2008)
Version: 1.51

download (aqua3d.exe - 0.84 MB)