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AllegroSurf - Sharing and managing the Internet the way YOU want it to be used.
Category: Internet
License: shareware
Cost: 59.95$
Size: 3.86 MB
Updated: 15 Mar 2009
The Internet has made kids' homework more exciting and each day one of new opportunity for small and large businesses. AllegroSurf takes your Internet connection and shares these possibilities with the other computers on your network. But it gives you the power to filter out unwanted content and the other distractions and temptations of the Web. AllegroSurf lets you specify what content is objectionable or unacceptable. It filters out annoying advertisements, intruding pop-up windows, and other Web nuisances while accelerating your connection with link prefetching and a shared cache. With real-time, advanced connection monitoring, you can see what the other computers on your network are doing right now as well as where they've been. Per user and server statistics help you view and present the big picture of your network and each workstation's Internet usage. Statistical usage is presented in an organized, numerical format as well as a customizable graphical display for easier data analysis and viewing. Flexible and powerful user management ensures that AllegroSurf's monitoring and statistics reflects the layout and users of your network. Connections and usage can be monitored and reviewed on a named user basis, not just IP addresses. Business owners can ensure worker productivity without creative restraint while parents can let their children surf and use the Web with confidence. AllegroSurf offers the Internet's world of possibilities to your network without all the worries. Protect your family, your business, and yourself with AllegroSurf.

Version: Jan 2009)
windows users, fast engine, bandwidth, login, transfer rate limits
Version: Oct 2008)
windows users, fast engine, bandwidth, login, transfer rate limits
Version: Apr 2008)
updated FVSDK, maintenance release
Version: Jan 2008)
updated FVSDK, maintenance release
Version: Jan 2007)
updated FVSDK, minor bug fix for multi-language support
Version: Nov 2006) - as-setup1.exe
added another filter for the ad database, updated FVSDK and OpenSSL libraries, minor bug fixes
Version: - as-setup.exe

download (as-setup1.exe - 3.86 MB)