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Alarm++ 8.0.12

Repeating alarms at many intervals display msgs, play sounds, send mail, run app
Publisher: 12noon
Category: Business
Version: 8.0.12
License: shareware
Cost: 24.99$
Size: 4.09 MB
Updated: 06 Dec 2013
Alarm++ fulfills your reminder and scheduling needs. Create multiple alarms

* remind you of events -- meetings, birthdays, deadlines, TV shows
* visit web pages -- read the news every morning or check your stocks weekly
* send e-mail to your pager -- get reminders anywhere
* send messages over the network -- help others remember
* use speech and animation -- have animated characters talk and gesture
* execute scripts and batch files -- for even more complex tasks
* open folders in Explorer -- check a LAN server folder every month
* send e-mail (with or without attachments) -- send reminders to a group or
files to someone on certain dates
* play sounds or music -- wake up in the morning to your favorite CD
* run applications -- begin writing a status report every Friday morning or
backup every night *

Each alarm can repeat at many different intervals, such as every few
minutes, hours, days, months, or years. They can repeat any number of times,
from once to forever or until a specific date. Alarms can also be restricted
to specific weekdays, weeks, months, weeks of the month, and time ranges.

You can set alarms for every Tuesday, every other week, Friday the 13th, the
second Thursday of every third month, etc. Events can be ignored if they
occur a specific number of minutes, hours, or days in the past.

You can create templates for creating new alarms. For example, have a
"Meeting" template, a "Grocery store on the way home" template, and an
"Important Birthday" template. This greatly simplifies entering values for
the types of alarms that you create often.

Alarm++ has a well-designed and easy-to-use interface. It stays
unobtrusively in your system tray or can be minimized on your taskbar. The
autosave feature means that you never have to worry about losing your alarms
to a Windows system crash. Alarm++ is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and
simple to install.

Version: 8.0.12(21 Feb 2012)
Fix delay when resuming from sleep
Version: 8.0.10(31 Oct 2011)
New option to delay events after computer wakes from sleep
Version: 8.0.9(14 May 2011)
Changed alarm and option icons from 48x48 to 16x16
Version: 8.0.7(09 Mar 2010)
Removed Outlook option, improved handling of file-save errors, removed "Select Full Row," "On Top," and "Display on Taskbar" options
Version: 8.0.6(07 Mar 2010)
Removed Outlook option, improved handling of file-save errors, removed "Select Full Row," "On Top," and "Display on Taskbar" options
Version: 8.0.5(11 Oct 2009)
Fix event windows on top of each other, scrap file handling,
Version: 8.0.4(30 Jun 2009)
Fix for 8-bit characters
Version: 8.0.3(28 Jun 2009)
Fixed MRU issue on XP and Vista
Version: 8.0.2(30 May 2009)
New file format, updated user interface
Version: 8.0.1(25 Apr 2009) - alarm-setup.exe
New file format, updated user interface
Version: 7.10(06 Aug 2007)
Added speech to events
Version: 7.04

download (alarm-setup.exe - 4.09 MB)