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AI Robot 6.1

An amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly.
Publisher: NewDigitalsoft, Inc.
Category: System Utilities
Version: 6.1
License: shareware
Cost: 39.95$
Size: 2.49 MB
Updated: 30 Sep 2009
AI Robot is amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly and simply. We all control our computer using mouse and keyboard. All our input comes from mouse movement, mouse clicks and keyboard key presses. AI Robot helps you automate mouse movement, mouse click and keyboard key presses. So you just need to tell AI Robot what to do step by step, then AI Robot will run all these steps automatically, and repetitively.It also allows you to record your mouse and keyboard actions and then generate robot form there, so that you can repeat the whole process again any time you wish, and as many times as you want.

Version: 6.1(04 Oct 2009)
Upgrade record engine
Version: 6.0(20 Aug 2009)
Version: 5.2(15 Jun 2009)
Version: 5.0(25 Feb 2009) - airobot.exe
Version: 4.0(14 May 2007) - ai40_trial.exe
Version: 3.0(05 Mar 2007) - ai30_trial.exe
Version: 2.0 - ai20_trial.exe

download (airobot.exe - 2.49 MB)