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Advanced Installer Professional 6.4

Advanced Installer 6.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool.
Publisher: Caphyon LLC
Category: n/a
Version: 6.4
License: shareware
Cost: 249$
Size: 11.85 MB
Updated: 24 Oct 2009
Advanced Installer 6.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool which enables developers and system administrators to easily build and repackage complex applications into reliable, ready to deploy MSI and EXE installers, patches and on-line updates.

Uniquely focusing from its very beginnings on the ease of use, Advanced Installer is completely GUI-driven, with intuitive and simple access to all the powerful functionality it offers. Friendly wizards, smart assistants and re-packagers allow even non-experts to produce complete, valid and reliable installers in mere minutes.

By using exclusively the industry standard Window Installer engine without proprietary scripting languages, and by carefully following its recommendations and best practices, Advanced Installer strives to create some of the cleanest, most correct MSI packages which effortlessly pass validation tests and logo certifications.

Advanced Installer is built on standard, open formats. Project files are XML, easily checked in source control systems. Multiple installer types can be defined to be built from a single project. Command-line mode operation allows integration in build scripts. Extensions always follow the Windows Installer recommendations and are provided in native modules for compliant, dependency-less installers.

Install packages can run on all Microsoft Windows operating systems, from Windows 95 to the latest Windows Vista, both 32 and 64-bit, supporting the latest Microsoft frameworks and products, including .NET 3.0, IIS 7.0 and IE7. Additional applications and components are supported as prerequisites, merge modules, or through repackaging and importing.

A few of the numerous features packed in Advanced Installer: strong LZMA compression, software auto-updater, full dialog editor, digital signatures, EXE bootstrapper, over 25 localizations, driver installs, CD/DVD autorun, user accounts, task scheduler, XML updates, SQL scripts and many more.

Version: 6.4(16 Jun 2008)
The 6.4 version adds full transaction support for SQL scripts and the ability to automatically discover and display Microsoft SQL Servers available on the network at install time.

Collaboration of multiple developers on different computers is even easier with the addition of custom, per-machine configurable project path Variables. A friendly wizard automates the conversion process.

Full 64-bit support for Java programs is provided with a native 64-bit version of the Java launcher which can load your application into a discovered (or optionally bundled) 64-bit Java Runtime Environment.
Version: 6.3(07 May 2008)
The 6.3 version delivers tremendous time-saving features for game developers: one-click integration in Windows Vista's Games Explorer and registration in Windows Media Center.

Also new is an advanced, full-control mode for media volumes and CAB archive settings, allowing you to finely tune the way your products are compressed, packaged and delivered to your customers.

You can quickly convert your existing Microsoft Visual Studio Setup projects to Advanced Installer using the new addition to its powerful import capabilities.
Version: 6.2(06 Mar 2008)
The 6.2 version focuses on further shortening the time required to create new MSI installers. Import your existing Eclipse projects for your Java products, take advantage of the new wizards to quickly create unified 32/64-bit installers, save ready-to-use templates for your future projects.

Additional Prerequisites and launch conditions are readily defined to be included in your installers with just a mouse click: .Net Framework 3.5, Adobe Acrobat Reader and the new service packs for Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1) and Server 2008.

A powerful import feature can handle both MSI installers and MSM merge modules allowing you to open and edit completed, third-party packages for further easy customization in Advanced Installer before deployment.
Version: 5.2(21 Aug 2007)
The 5.2 version adds support for installing Control Panel Applets, nested IIS Virtual Directories and many other smaller features and enhancements.

This release also focuses on polishing Advanced Installer's interface and functionality by optimizing data handing, fixing numerous non-critical bugs and solving various minor issues and irritations throughout the product for an even better installer authoring experience.
Version: 5.0(12 Jun 2007)
The 5.0 version greatly simplifies the task of creating MSI installers for applications already using other install engines by offering the ability to painlessly capture and repackage existing installations.

Another major development in this version is the ability to build multiple installers from a single project, allowing you to easily create different packages from a single source, customized for your various deployment scenarios.

Support for the JRockit JRE, a Browse for File predefined custom action, together with countless other enhancements and bug fixes wrap up another milestone release of our flagship Windows Installer authoring tool, Advanced Installer.
Version: 4.9(03 Apr 2007)
The 4.9 version introduces the ability to share folders on install, support for authoring removable patches and the option to improve .Net applications performance and startup time by precompiling them to native images on install.

The prerequisites support has been further enhanced with prerequisite launch conditions and dependencies, an improved .Net 3.0 framework detection algorithm and many new predefined installer launch conditions.

Seven new language translations were completed, giving you the possibility to create installers fully localized in Finnish, Greek, Korean, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish and Turkish, for a total of 25 available localizations.
Version: 4.8(06 Mar 2007)
The 4.8 version delivers full CD/DVD Autorun support, complete with a Vista-compliant Autorun launcher. Other Windows Vista installer improvements are Default Programs support, digitally signing patches and enabling least-privileged patching without UAC prompts.

JAR files can now be packed using Pack200. Coupled with the advanced LZMA compression, this method can reduce the size of compressed code archives to as low as 20% of the original size. The Java launcher gains the ability to use the Java 6 native splash screen API, if available.

Searching for prerequisites is greatly improved with with the ability to specify multiple criteria concerning file versions, product versions, registry keys or values and even searching with a custom executable.
Version: 4.7(29 Jan 2007)
The 4.7 version greatly improves the Windows Installer Vista User Account Control (UAC) experience with automatically added (optional) shield icons on MSI dialog buttons, the ability to digitally sign any individual file included in the installation and to configure required execution levels for executable and MSI files.

Various new features include a brand new built-in dialog for selecting the Start Menu group for installing shortcuts, additional Patch Compatibility Tests for easier patch authoring, support for MSDE installation and dialog initialization events in MSI User Interface.

The Advanced Installer application itself has been updated in many areas (including User Interface, execution level and configuration) to ensure flawless operation on Microsoft Windows Vista.
Version: 4.6(12 Dec 2006) - advinst.msi
The 4.6 version enhances the Windows Vista compatibility by adding support for IIS 7 and the Restart Manager. Also new for IIS is the anonymous access and authentication control (users and groups) support and a quick introductory tutorial. Other tutorials and how-to's on different topics were also added.

The Auto Updater can now be scheduled to run from the Windows Scheduler service, thanks to the newly completed Task Scheduler integration.

A new wizard greatly simplifies the media and bootstrapper configuration, while a new Print control is available for printing RTF files from installation dialogs. The Patch creation process is improved with precondition checking and reporting. Finally, numerous bug fixes and enhancements are implemented in the 4.6 version, primarily in areas of 64-bit Windows and the upcoming Vista OS.
Version: 4.2 - AID_Personal_Setup.exe

download (advinst.msi - 11.85 MB)