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Advanced Direct Remailer 2.50

Remailer which sends your message straight out to the recipient's mail server.
Publisher: Tweak Marketing Inc.
Category: Network
Version: 2.50
License: shareware
Cost: 59.95$
Size: 5.01 MB
Updated: 30 Nov 2013
Advanced Direct Remailer (ADR) is a powerful remailer and mass mailer which send your message straight out to the recipient's mail server (without your ISP's SMTP server). ADR realizes multi-threaded direct delivery, and so works several times quicker than usual email client. The program has its own internal SMTP server, and can be easily configured to work with any email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Edudora, etc.), any other mail server or mass mailer (e.g. Eserv, GroupMail). Support for simple mailing lists (.TXT, .LST, .CSV with personification) and mailing lists which are formed by database SQL-request on fly, user's programs for message processing (plugins), merging mailing lists with .CSV files and/or databases from Excel document to powerful Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, determine up to 90% of "dead" e-mails in address list befor sending, detailed and handy logs for each sent email, open API for programmers and samples with source code, open ActiveX/COM interface (package contains detailed documentation and examples for all popular programming languages - Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++, client-side and server-side JavaScript), comfortable Monitor and easy control of messages flow. The program supports Socks5 proxy protocol, so you can use it within a Local Area Network (LAN), too. ADR ensures faster, safer, and more easy-to-control mail sending, and thus it helps to save your time and money! Program can work as Windows NT/2000 service - transparent to the users, so you can forget about it after initial setup.

Version: 2.50(21 Oct 2013)
New Web Help
Several bug fixes
Version: 2.42(10 Apr 2013)
Version: 2.41(10 Jan 2013)
Version: 2.40(27 Aug 2012)
Version: 2.39(28 Mar 2012)
Version: 2.38.825(05 Mar 2012)
Version: 2.36.198(12 Aug 2011)
Version: 2.35.176(14 Mar 2011)
Version: 2.34.71(22 Sep 2010)
Version: 2.33.186(09 Feb 2010)
Version: 2.33(09 Feb 2010)
Version: 2.26(27 Jan 2008)
Version: 2.20(29 Sep 2006)
Version: 2.18

download ( - 5.01 MB)