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Advanced Biorhythms 2011.2.5

Handy biorhythms calendar, advice of the day and compatibility test
Publisher: Elprime Software, Inc.
Category: Home/Hobby
Version: 2011.2.5
License: shareware
Cost: 17$
Size: 0.74 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Feeling a little off today? Wondering why? A lot of people believe, and a lot of serious research backs up, the idea that your emotional, physical and intellectual energy have very regular cycles, which affect your ability to carry out tasks related to the cycles. If you're a believer, would like to know more, or are just curious, check out Advanced Biorhythms.

Advanced Biorhythms lets you:
- See where you are in your emotional, physical and intellectual cycles on any specified day
- Get information about how to interpret the graphs and plan activities and tasks
- See how your compatible your biorhythm cycles are with your partner's
- Get more control over your life by scheduling - or avoiding - certain tasks on high, low or critical days where you'll

You need Advanced Biorhythms, if you:
- Ever wonder why everything seems to goes wrong on some days
- Want to know all you can about what affects - or even might affect - you
- Are curious about how your biorhythms match up with your partner's
- Are wondering why you're so hungry, or tired, or edgy today
- Want to be sure to schedule an important meetings or interviews on the day you're most likely perform best
- Have ever wanted to find out for yourself whether rhythmic biological cycles affect your abilities

Version: 2011.2.5(04 Feb 2011)
Profile limit extended to 2500 profiles
Version: 2009.2.3(20 Sep 2008)
Added Spanish interface language
Version: 2008.2.2(27 Nov 2007) - AdvancedBiorhythms.exe
100% Vista Compatibility,
New Modern Interface and Controls,
Fixed American/European Calendar Switch
Version: 2004.2.0 - ab.exe

download (AdvancedBiorhythms.exe - 0.74 MB)