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Adit Testdesk 2.60

Replace paper exams with fully automated computer-based testing
Publisher: Adit Software
Category: Education
Version: 2.60
License: shareware
Cost: 349$
Size: 53.60 MB
Updated: 15 Jan 2016
Retire paper-based tests and exams! Adit Testdesk makes it easy to scrap paper exams in favor of computer-based testing by automating the entire process. From designing the exam to grading the results, Adit Testdesk is a perfect solution to your testing needs. Dozens of question types are supported for various types of tests including exams, quizzes, and surveys.

Move straight to XXI century with Adit Testdesk easily! The latest release looks and feels like Microsoft Office 2007, allowing you to transfer your skills to the new product without having to learn new tricks. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, or any other Office application will be able to start using Adit Testdesk in just minutes.

Your students will see questions that look similar to common paper-based forms such as multiple choice, draw-and-connect, fill-in-the-blank and other familiar types of questions. Video, audio and Flash-based multimedia types of questions are new for computer-based tests created with Adit Testdesk. Even essays and spoken replies are supported! Design your tests and exams the way you need them to be. Add a logotype, use your own fonts and background images to make your exams look like your organization's other stationery.

Forget the paper! Adit Testdesk helps you design, run and assess exams on a computer. Adit Testdesk grades most question types completely automatically, allowing you to save time on grading. Customized reports are available for presenting the results to the students.

With Adit Testdesk, you can build self-contained tests that can be run on any PC, with or without Adit Testdesk installed. Build, run and assess tests of any complexity from customer satisfaction surveys to scientific exams and hi-tech certification tests.

Version: 2.60(27 Jun 2013)
* Data drag and drop in Results management
* Improved test server stability
* Fixed Issues
Version: 2.50(19 May 2012)
* New text actions (Split table, Sort table, Convert table to text)
* Cell rotation in table
* Print and export testing results from grid
* Fixed Issues
Version: 2.40(25 Feb 2011)
* German interface
* Import test from CQuest Assessment Software
* Max points property for manual scoring questions
* Fixed Issues
Version: 2.25(27 Oct 2010)
* Resolve host name option
* Fixed Issues
Version: 2.20(08 Jul 2010)
* New text actions
Paste As Text
Change Object Position
Remove Hyperlinks from Text
* Triple click select paragraph
* New text line wrapping algorithm
* Paragraph outline
* Horizontal line style
Version: 2.01(17 Mar 2010)
* Easier to Learn and to Use
* Office 2007 Look and Feel
* Better International Support
* New Question Types
* Survey Support
* Support for Variables
Version: 2.00(19 Jan 2010) - atd2_en_trial.msi
* Easier to Learn and to Use
* Office 2007 Look and Feel
* Better International Support
* New Question Types
* Survey Support
* Support for Variables
Version: 1.75(16 Mar 2009)
* Many improvements and fixes
Version: 1.70(14 Jul 2008)
* Improve text import from RTF and HTML
* Improve text export to RTF and HTML
* Can use additional user fields in reports
Version: 1.60(17 Dec 2007)
* Preview question and test in Editor
* Add answer key in pen-and-paper test
* Add XML schemas for generating XML files
* Add text formats for saving to XML file
* Check and create regular expression
Version: 1.40(17 Apr 2007)
* Add char case command to text editor
* Add support of right-to-left text in text editor
* Add Office2007 Theme
Version: 1.30(25 Jan 2007)
* Show full test log
* Merge test
* Find and replace text in test
* Copy and paste questions and profiles
* Edit media folders
Version: 1.20(10 Dec 2006)
* Export tests to XML Format
* Import tests from XML Format
* Duplicate question and profile command
* Create EXE Tests
* Save and load testing results in XML Format
Version: 1.10

download (atd2_en_trial.msi - 53.60 MB)